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The curse of the Titanic continues as the 100 year anniversary of the disaster nears, Dolphins mysteriously perish in the thousands, and elusive hominids from the planet Malduk bring a sombre start to this week's show. 

It doesn't take long before flying hairy hominids put smiles back on our faces though along with new dream technology and more NY little people encounters.

Read on for show notes, music, and video links.

Ship retracing Titanic route turns back for ill passenger

Five Spooky Titanic Stories

My haunting goes on: Couple sell house plagued by ghost of Titanic captain who was born there (...and it even had a flooded kitchen)

Titanic Coincidences

Experts claim a mirage sank the Titanic

Titanic Twits (Forgive the Pun)

Why are thousands of dolphins dying off the coast of Peru?

New Footage: Minnesota Lake Screaming Bigfoot

Exposing Bigfoot Habituators

The Habits and Whereabouts of the “Sasquatch” aka “Bigfoot”

Flying 'Hairy Humanoids' Report

Humanoid visitors from beyond our time and space

'Prometheus': Ridley Scott, Alex Jones, and the Illuminati agenda

Mirage Men Trailer

Psychologist Manipulates Dreams By iPhone App

Feel like flying? Brooklyn’s Bitbanger Labs brings lucid dreaming to the masses with the Remee

Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask

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E.V.B. & The Haunted Wood

Little People by Ron Quinn

The Monkey Saw the Ghost


Woman spends $10,000 on invisible art, hopes she doesn't lose it


Die & Break - Grand Funk Hustle [BUY]

The Mekanism - Cant Believe [BUY]

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) [BUY]

The Messenger - Morning Gold (Unreleased Dub Mix) [BUY]

Etnik - Vino via gottadancedirty

Ackryte - Shades via Marinate Media

Insightful - She Bad via EarMilk

Mister Lies - I Walk

Benjamin Grundy

Benjamin Grundy started Mysterious Universe back in 2006. Every week he researches the fortean world and puts together the weekly free MU podcast, extended podcast and Plus + podcast alongside Aaron Wright.

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