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Strangely familiar looking Bigfoot photos emerge from Missouri this week along with an interview with the infamous "Bigfoot Killer" Justin Smeja.

After we resist the urge to continue the show entirely in 'Squatch Speak' we look at very early attempts at German Rocketry and the occult funding behind them, new huggable robots from the Tokyo design show, and a phantom home invasion.

Read on for show notes, links and music.

Photographs of a Possible Unrecognized Bipedal Hominoid From Oklahoma

Possible Wood Ape Photos From Central Oklahoma

'To Kill Or Not To Kill' Interview with Bigfoot killer Justin Smeja

The 6 Ways That Bigfoots Talk To Each Other

Did the Germans launch a crewed rocket into space in 1933?

The secret at the heart of the world - Nazi Cosmology and Belief in the Hollow Earth

Forever Alone 2.0

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The Abductions Continue by Rick Stokes

I Shot a Ghost

What is the most strangest/bizarre/unexplainable thing that has ever happened to you?

Vengeful teeth-pulling dentist story deemed a hoax


Eplp - Wishes Of You & Me (Square Harmony) via Indie Shuffle

DZA - Finger Snaps ( SHIGETO REMIX ) Pre Order Soon! via 92bpm

Kastle - Stay Forever via EARMILK via Your Music Radar

RackNRuin - Slow Down (Dusky Remix) via Your Music Radar

Clams Casino - Swervin Remix via djnodj

Eliphino - Let Me Love You Forever via Waxhole

Dam Mantle - Rebong via nialler9


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