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6.03 – MU Plus+ Podcast

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Russian billionaire Kickstarters promise eternal life with the new Avatar project set to upload your consciousness by 2030. We also feature news on a crashed Sputnik cover-up in Scotland that give us a perfect excuse to explore wild Cosmonaut stories from the cold war.

The second half of the show then moves in to MIB territory with an encounter that breaks the mould of your typical reports.

Read on for show notes, music, books and more.

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Russian research project offers 'immortality' to billionaires

RAF leader sought evidence of Highland Sputnik crash

Bad Vibes: Can Dealing With Evil Spirits Kill You?

The “Placebo” and “Nocebo” effects

The Dark Side of the Placebo Effect: When Intense Belief Kills

Picking up a penny saved my life!

Hipster Quiz!


Photek & Kuru - Fountainhead (DJ-Kicks) via The Veal Pen

Sun Glitters - Alone viaEscafandrista Musical

Photek - Minimix For Annie Mac via The Veal Pen

Benjamin Grundy

Benjamin Grundy started Mysterious Universe back in 2006. Every week he researches the fortean world and puts together the weekly free MU podcast, extended podcast and Plus + podcast alongside Aaron Wright.

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