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Crack downs on eBay listings of spells and witchcraft get us warmed up before a huge collection of invisible Sasquatch tales including a DoD coverup of 3 Bigfoot creatures held captive at UC Berkeley in the late 60s.

We then look at the Omega Project and the links between alien abductions and NDEs with night time encounters reported by young children.

Read on for show notes, music, and more.

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EBay bans supernatural sales of magic spells, potions, hexes

Bigfoot Musings

Ghost Hunter Google Group

Invisible Bigfoot?

Bigfoot’s Invisible Wall

Near-Death and UFO Encounters as Shamanic Initiations

Dr. Kenneth Ring

There is Nothing Paranormal About Near-Death Experiences (We Guess)

Near Death Experience of Brad Steiger, paranormal author


Ghostly Encounter On The Sea


Reddit, what is the creepiest 'true' story some one has ever told you?

The Formula For A Healthier Sexier Life

Panty-stealing Zimbabwean Goblin


SOON - KKS 002  Darius Syrossian - 10 Miles from Lima - Cut via Phuture Labs

Mystery Plays Records - Of Times Past via Indie Shuffle

Fresh Cut from MPC ERA [BUY]

Frankee - Pandorum via FMLB

Benjamin Grundy

Benjamin Grundy started Mysterious Universe back in 2006. Every week he researches the fortean world and puts together the weekly free MU podcast, extended podcast and Plus + podcast alongside Aaron Wright.

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