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Imaginary Creations that will Blow You Away

Here at Mysterious Universe we are always browsing Reddit for weird and wonderful things that you guys might like and as we all know, has a subreddit for nearly every topic and taste. I stumbled across two fantastic little subreddits called Imaginary Monsters and Imaginary Technology.

Both of these subreddits feature fantastical creatures and creations in illustrative form which I know that the Mysterious Universe audience will love. Here are a few of my favourites from the past couple of weeks...

Imaginary Monsters - /r/ImaginaryMonsters

Nimbus Viper by Brent Hollowell
Nimbus Viper by Brent Hollowell

Chronos by Verehin
Chronos by Verehin

Chilly Willy
Chilly Willy by Brent Hollowell

Beyond Menzoberranzan
Beyond Menzoberranzan by RalphHorsley

Call of Cthulu
Call of Cthulu by sancient

Search for Mother
Search for Mother by Donato Giancola

Planetary Life Form
Planetary Life Form by TheStealthNinja13

Power of the Mind
Power of the Mind by Simon Cowell

Imaginary Monsters - /r/ImaginaryTechnology

Mech by Progv

Anti Armour Mech
Anti Armour Mech by Trevor Claxton

Air Combat by Progv

V for Victory
V for Victory by Jukka Korhonen

Space Elevator by GryphArt

Touchdown Confirmed
Touchdown Confirmed by Entroz

The Sighting by Steve Burg

Three Armed Sloth? by trevor
Three Armed Sloth? by Trevor Claxton

So, do you have a favourite? Check out the two subreddits above and post a link to your favourite in the comments below!

Edit: This is for you Red Pill Junky

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