Sep 18, 2012 I Nick Redfern

UFOs: What the Hell?

In a world filled with terrorism, Middle Eastern wars and skirmishes, disturbing changes in weather patterns, apocalyptic tales of the Mayans and 2012, and Hollywood’s ongoing obsession with “end of the world”-type movies – check out ContagionChildren of Men; Knowing; Dawn of the Dead; The Happening; and 28 Days Later as just a few examples from the last 10 years – it’s hardly surprising that people might be tempted to look to the stars for salvation.

In other words, if we can’t help ourselves, maybe “the aliens” will do a better job. Of course, people have looked for advanced, outside help ever since the era of the UFO was born in the summer of 1947. The problem, however, is that our call has not been answered. At least, not yet it hasn’t. But, some say, maybe that’s about to change – but not in ways most might imagine or hope for.

Indeed, it seems that even the world of Ufology has been bitten by the Armageddon bug. An increasing number of people are coming around to the idea that, while there does appear to be a very real UFO phenomenon, it may not be what it appears to be. According to some, it may prove to be our very worst nightmare.

Put simply, there is a growing belief and acceptance that rather than having alien origins, UFOs are – quite literally – demonic. That’s right: Satan’s Saucers. And, the small, black-eyed, domed-head aliens that have become such an integral part of Ufology, on-screen science-fiction, and popular-culture, are nothing less than deceptive demons preparing the way ahead for the final battle between good and evil, the rise of the Antichrist, and the enslavement of our very souls.

Among those who believe that such a startling and grim scenario has validity is Michael Heiser, an author and UFO researcher who earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible and ancient Semitic languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In an interview with me a couple of years ago, Michael said of the UFO issue:

“I look at it demonically because of the human-rights issues: people being taken against their will, nasty things done to them. Or even if things are not literally done, they’re implanted in their minds; they’re mentally tormented. This is something inherently negative and sinister. They’re essentially manipulators of human beings. That’s the game: they want to usurp the higher authority, to usurp God for their own ends.”

Then there is Joseph Jordan, who has heavily studied the data suggesting alien abductions can be stopped by calling out the name of Jesus Christ. Jordan stated to me of the alleged aliens of UFO lore and their actions:

“The purpose I see with these entities in their communication is that they’re preaching a new gospel. And, the Bible warns of angels preaching gospel. I do believe they are a part of a demonic hierarchy, and the entities involved in the abduction experience are the elite of that hierarchy; it seems like we’re dealing with fallen-angels. The abilities that the fallen-angels have are mirrored by these entities, but the message they come with is not that of the Judeo-Christian God. It’s against them.”

Moving on, we turn our attentions to Ray Boeche. An Anglican priest who served as the Rector of the Celebration Anglican Church in Lincoln, Nebraska for nearly a decade, Boeche is also a former Nebraska State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, and the recipient of a B.A. from Peru State College and a Th.M. degree from St. Mark’s School of Divinity. His opinion on the UFO controversy is clear, as he detailed to me in 2007:

“As a pastor and someone who’s trained as a theologian, I can’t come to any other conclusion than there is some sort of spiritual deception going on here. In so many of these kinds of alien contacts, the entities involved make a denial of Christianity. Anytime the spiritual issues are addressed, there is always some sort of denial of the validity of Christianity and the validity of the Bible.”

Nicole Malone, author of The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels, comes to much the same conclusion. Of alien abduction stories, she says they are "caused by fallen angels."

Finally, my very own book, Final Events, is a full-length, controversial study of how and why even people within the U.S. Government have come to the conclusion that UFOs have occult, paranormal, and demonic origins. Their story is a disturbingly bleak one filled with accounts that tell of satanic deception, a panicked Pentagon, and a select and secret elite preparing for a war they believe has our very souls at stake.

The dark side of Ufology? Definitely. Close encounters of the demonic kind? Time may, or may not, tell...

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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