Mar 26, 2013 I Jack Wain

Fiestas of the Freaky: Celebrating the Unexplained

The bizarre, the weird, the paranormal, the extraordinary and the mysterious; There's just about nothing on this planet that we as a species won't celebrate. From the unearthly and divine, to the legendary and freakish, here are 4 of the most unbelievable festivals on the planet. Any excuse for a party, right?

Festa da Coca


Undertaken each year as part of the Corpus Christi celebrations in Moncao, Portugal, Festa da Coca (simply meaning "party coca") is that time of the day when the people of the city pay homage to the battle between St George and the medieval dragon, Coca. Each year, "Coca" is pitted against "St George" in a battle which will apparently determine the fruition of the years crops. If the dragon wins - translated, "if the horse gets scared" - the crops won't be fertile. Funny thing is: most people cheer for the dragon!

The Mothman Festival


If you've ever sat endlessly along the dark highways of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, I bet you've been biding your time in hopes of bagging a snap of the legendary Mothman. Well - if one is patient - when that special time of the year rolls round (September, that is), Downtown Point Pleasant will be positively swarming with moth-men, moth-women and moth-children. Held yearly in celebration of the shadowy figure, The Mothman festival will now be entering its 12th year, and it always attracts the most colorful of patrons.

Just remember: Take it easy at the drinks stand!


Note: This is NOT a festival event!

La Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme


In the English, "The Festival of the Near Death Experience" is held annually in Galicia, Spain on the 29th of July, and, as the name suggests, celebrates the near-death experiences of some of the locals. Praying to the statue of St Martha (ol' Mary Magdalene's sister) located in the city's church also occurs, as do some coffin rides, music from the brass band and some chanting. Long story short: swearing and fireworks are always a big hit! (If all religion was like this, I might start going to church).

The Roswell UFO Festival


Die hard truth-seekers out there might shrug their shoulders at this one, but the Roswell UFO Festival isn't for them: it's for the everyman. I bet all you out there know the whole Roswell story (almost definitely better than I do), so I won't bore you with the history or conception of this one, just know that there's a costume contest and a parade. But, be careful: Not all those Neptunian Space Girls are what they seem (It's the Adam's apples which give it away).


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