Mar 15, 2013 I Jason Offutt

Haunted by an Amorphous Blob

When seven-year-old Dalton Vitt’s parents moved the family into a two-story house in Bonner Springs, Kansas, the move was nothing new. His father is a home remodeler, and they change houses every few years. But when they move, the family always takes something with them. “We built it new,” Dalton said. “But there was a lot of antique furniture.”

When the Vitt family settled into their new home, a two-story, three-bedroom house, they gave Dalton a bedroom upstairs. “It always felt creepy when I was upstairs by myself,” he said. “I always felt there was something behind me at all times.”

Vitt met that something shortly after they moved in. “I woke up in the middle of the night,” he said. “There was this guy looking out the window. He was wearing old Victorian clothing, and had on a powdered wig.”

Vitt vividly remembers rubbing his eyes to make sure he was awake. He was. The figure stood with his hands joined behind his back, looking out the window opposite from where Vitt lay. “He wasn’t looking at me,” Vitt said. “I didn’t want to draw attention.”


The figure was as clear as if a man were standing before his window – except Vitt knew it wasn’t a man, at least not anymore.  “His coat was like a vest. It looked maroonish,” Vitt said. “It was like in full detail. Not like an outline or anything. Pretty creepy.” The figure stood straight, with its hands behind its back, just staring out the window. “Didn’t move, didn’t make any noise, just stood there in one spot.”

The figure in the wig stood before Vitt’s window, just feet from the bedroom door. Vitt knew he couldn’t run for the safety of his parent’s bedroom without attracting its attention. “I looked at it a couple of seconds, then lay back down and went to sleep,” he said. “I was a little kid and didn’t know what else to do.”

The next day he told his parents; they patted his head. “Back when we lived there I would always tell them it would feel creepy upstairs. They would tell me I was imagining it,” he said. “Now that I’m older I say, ‘that stuff actually happened.’ They were trying to comfort me, but I know it was a ghost.”

That wasn’t the last time something spectral haunted Vitt in that house, a few years later he encountered the Blob.

“I don’t remember why, but I was sleeping in the guest room,” he said. “I woke up and was lying on my side facing the wall where the door was.” The wall the bed rested against held the only window to the room, a big bay window Vitt couldn’t see from the bed.

No sooner had Vitt woken than he saw the apparition. “A big blob of white floated from the door into where the window was at,” he said. The Blob floated slowly and silently past Vitt. At first he thought the light was caused by the headlights of a passing car, but he’d seen those lights before. This wasn’t the same.” It was pretty slow. It wasn’t like a car driving by,” he said. “That light was yellow. This was perfectly white.”

The BlobThe Blob floated by the bed where Vitt lay staring at it. Then entered the space of the bay window and disappeared from sight. “I was more creeped out by the Blob (than the wigged apparition) because it was way closer to me and it was moving towards me,” he said. “It was the second thing that had happened. It was proof that the first thing wasn’t a dream.”

A year later, Vitt received further confirmation that something ghostly inhabited that house. His mother pulled into the garage after school, and Vitt jumped out of the car to beat his little brother inside. “I was the first one in the house,” he said. “It sounded like there was a trumpet playing. It was loud. You can’t mistake a trumpet. It sounded like it was coming from upstairs. I knew my dad had a trumpet because he played one in high school.”

But this was hours before his father usually came home from work. “I went out and asked Mom why Dad was home and she said he’s not,” Vitt said. He didn’t immediately tell her about the trumpet. “I went back in and it was gone. I check all the TVs and radios and nothing was on. It was just a trumpet that played.”

That night he told his father. “He laughed and said I was just hearing things.” Vitt is away to college, and his parent’s mantra about something spooky in that house has changed.

The Vitts have moved to another house in Bonner Springs, and nothing otherworldly has visited Dalton Vitt there. Vitt said he thinks his experiences had something to do with the antique furniture in that house; something ghostly may have been attached to them. The family left some of the furniture in the house, and sold the rest.

But something from the house may have attached itself to him.

On a night in 2011, Vitt was with a friend driving on a country road from Bonner Springs to nearby Tonganoxie, Kansas, when he saw an old friend. “We came up over this hill and to the left there was a big pasture and this thing shaped like a Blob,” Vitt said.

The bright, pure-white entity looked just as it did the first night he saw it, except for two stumpy legs. “It was out in the pasture, it looked kind of small,” Vitt said. “As we were driving next to the pasture, it took off running across the field. Usain Bolt speed. It was coming toward us.”

Vitt didn’t say anything about the Blob to the driver. “We came up over the next hill and my friend said, ‘did you see that?’ He saw I too,” Vitt said. “That’s the first thing that ever happened that someone was there to see it too.” Then it was gone.

Vitt hasn’t seen the Blob for two years, but he knows it’s still out there.

Jason Offutt

Jason Offutt is paranormal investigator, an author of several paranormal books such as “What Lurks Beyond,” “Darkness Walks: Shadow People Among us,” “Haunted Missouri,” and “Paranormal Missouri” and a teacher of journalism at Northwest Missouri State University.

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