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Red Pills of the Week — April 27th

Greetings, fellow Coppertops! As we now embark on our 2nd year of exploring the wonders of the Fortean Matrix, we'll discover fireballs in Ireland along with lewd graffiti on Mars. We'll study the impact of fake Twitters & fake bomb detectors. And as we make use of robotic probes to uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations, we'll conclude by giving our Steven Greer's SIRIUS documentary & his now famous (or infamous) Atacama humanoid. You know? there's something I haven't yet figured out: If Cypher was so desperate for a good dinner of steak & red wine, then why didn't he ask Mouse to write a program simulation with a decent Italian restaurant?

10 Here at The Pills we rarely mention UFO videos, mainly because (a) it's so easy to hoax them with current over-the-count computer software; and (b) because Youtubers almost never bother to include detailed information concerning the sighting, which might then help serious researchers to gather more valuable evidence about a given case.

Nevertheless I admit that this 'recent' clip of a group of fireballs seemingly flying over an Irish neighborhood is interesting:


Yes, the lack of audio is a big red flag, and video's quality is crude. But I for one am not so sure those lights could be explained as simple 'Chinese lanterns', which seem to be the trending explanation for every video of strange lights nowadays. That said, I'm the first to admit that a single video doesn't constitute conclusive proof of anything.

Feel free to share your own thoughts about the video on the comment section.

9 "If UFOs represent an advanced technology from an extraterrestrial civilization," ETH proponents are fond to say, "then clearly they've solved the problem of interstellar travel." A warp drive then  should be theoretically feasible, no matter how impossible it seems from our current perspective.


In order to go beyond our current paradigm, we'll need to be guided by visionaries who are not afraid to fail. Visionaries like Elon Musk, who not only wants us to colonize Mars, but has already placed his sight on other star systems.

"There's some potential, even though it sounds science-fictiony, for warp drive to work," Musk said on Tuesday during a Google+ Hangout to publicize "After Earth," Smith's upcoming movie. "Technically, to warp space such that you're traveling at the speed of light, but you've warped space so that space is actually traveling."

I hope other dreamers join in, so we can accomplish our destiny as a space-faring civilization.

8 And when we finally accomplish the dream of countless generations, and set foot on world lit by a faraway sun, what will our brave space-faring descendants do then?

ay 108529490 570x509
Did Obama draw this giant erect phallus on Mars?

Why, draw a massive penis on the surface, of course!

A big phallusy, you say? then check out the artistry of NASA's rovers! I think it's only fair --after all, they say "Men are from Mars", don't they?

7 And now it's time to address a different kind of dick: None other than atheist superstar Richard Dawkins, who unsurprisingly managed to insert his foot firmly on his mouth thanks to the restrictions of Twitter. On this occasion, the author of The God Delusion's vitriol was aimed towards British journalist Mehdi Hasan, who happens to be a Muslim. Dawkins was quick to mock the Muslim belief that the prophet Mohammed ascended the heavens riding a winged horse --which would probably make him some sort of visionary Brony-- but unfortunately for Dawkins, his Twitter barbs ended up backfiring. He tried to make amends by way of comparing Hasan's 'silly' beliefs in Islam to Arthur Conan Doyle's equally silly beliefs in fairies --which famously made him fall prey to the notorious hoax of the Cottingley fairies-- and so Dawkins' argument was constructed by finding amazement in how brilliant & talented individuals can nonetheless succumb to idiotic belief systems.

Cottingley Fairies 1 300x240
100% real fairies made out of paper.

I hope no-one is rude enough to point out to Mr. Dawkins how sir Isaac Newton --arguably the most important scientific mind in all history-- spent more time writing about Alchemy & the Bible than about 'natural philosophy' --i.e. what we know call 'Science'-- and I also equally hope no one mentions in his presence how Francis Crick, the co-founder of the DNA helix strand, was a firm believer in directed panspermia. While we're at it, I hope no one discloses to Dawkins the ethimological roots of the words Chemistry & Algebra (hint: they are both Arabic).

And even though Richard Dawkins is well aware of how many illustrious members of the scientific pantheon had nonetheless religious or unorthodox beliefs, he probably considers it as some sort of sad tragedy, as surely these intellectual luminaries would have profoundly benefited from an atheistic/materialist attitude.

Well, I propose that perhaps the 'idiotic' belief systems of these giants was in a big way a contributors to their accomplishments, rather than a hindrance. Consider that, Mr. Dawkins, while you keep campaigning on how religion is the source of all evil in this world.


alexjones punchable
A man whose voice was replaced by a box of gravel

But there are dicks on all sides of the spectrum. Last week we discussed how Alex Jones didn't bother to wait until more information of the Boston bombings was released before he started to blame it all on the New World Order. But now new information has surfaced which seems to add a new dimension of irony to the whole matter: turns out Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother killed by the police & likely the mastermind behind the attacks, was an Infowars fan --quite the Conspiracy Ouroboros, as my friend Greg Taylor put it.

"I've seen this before," Jones said. "The federal government trying to connect me to tragedies. That's the media and the government's own conspiracy theories."


Fuck indeed.

Does that mean I wished Jones to be censored? Not at all. The fact of the matter is that people blaming him for the tragedy are as simplistic & pathetic as conservative Congressmen blaming Marilyn Manson for Columbine. The way I see it individual human behavior is unpredictable, because it relies on a whole plethora of factors & cultural input.

5 Yet there are still conspiracy theorists adamant to regard the Tsarnaev bros as the new Sirhan Sirhan. We live in extremely interesting times, in which a large sector of the population is now hardwired NOT to trust any official explanation.

In a world full of lies, trust is the ultimate commodity.

MOR tweet main 620x349 570x320
Seems legit

And some people are more than aware of this. Consider what happened last Tuesday, when hackers took control of the Associated Press Twitter account, warning about 2 explosions in the White House, which had caused the injury of president Obama. Before the deception was uncovered, the hoax sent the stock markets into panic mode, resulting in a US$136.5 billion loss. With powerful hedgefunds in control of top-of-the-line computer systems, it's not unrealistic to assume somebody became immensely rich overnight this week.

Should we continue to depend on an economic system so vulnerable to rumors & hearsay? Should we shed lies in order to move to our next step in evolution?

4 Lies. I sometimes think we Homo Sapiens acquired sentience in order to call out our tribe member's bullshit. What would become of us if we managed to accurately learn when someone is not being truthful?


twat jamesmcormick

In such a world someone like James McCormick would not be able to create a multi-million-dollar company selling 'bomb detectors'. McCormick has been found guilty of fraud, but not before he sold his dowsing doodads to countries like Georgia & Iraq.

Should you wish to learn more about my opinion on such devices, please read "The Eagle & the Snake Oil."


brujo witch
Dude your eyebrow is a friggin' lizard!

If you want to dig out land mines & drug shipments, you might as well hire the services of some Maya brujo instead of forking thousands of dollars in a worthless sensor. Speaking of the Maya, new evidence unearthed by archeologists suggest the origins of this Mesoamerican civilizations is far more complex than what was previously thought.


For decades academicians have debated whether the Mayas were culturally descendant from the older Olmec culture --the ones who left us those big-ass stone heads that kinda resemble Africans-- or they perhaps arose independently in the jungles of what is now Central America.

A new analysis of items from a long-buried ceremonial structure in central Guatemala supports a third hypothesis, researchers reported Thursday — that lowland Maya culture grew out of an amalgam of influences from nearby settlements.

"The origin of Maya civilization was more complex than previously thought," said Takeshi Inomata, an archaeologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson and lead author of a study detailing the analysis in the journal Science.

In his view, the culture that went on to dominate Mesoamerica until the arrival of Europeans got its start during a power vacuum that lasted for about 200 to 350 years in a period of Olmec rule. That allowed the people who built the ceremonial structure at a site known as Ceibal to interact with others from nearby areas and begin forming a new culture. They probably had influences from as far away as Chiapas and the Pacific Coast, both about 200 miles away.

The problem I have with these theories is that they fail to consider the fact that these cultures could have developed an important sea-faring tradition. I've read of Columbus' accounts of how he glimpsed giant rafts during his trips to the Antilles, & I think historians have not taken into account how the monumental stones of the Olmecs are said to have been transported using canoes --especially if you acknowledge the fact that each of these sculptures weigh several tonnes!



I'm ashamed to confess that despite my nationality I haven't yet visited many of the Maya archeological sites --with the exception of Tulúm. One site I have visited several times, though, is Teotihuacán, which is not too far from Mexico city --if you ever come to visit us, drop me an e-mail & I'll be more than happy to act as a tour guide.

Teotihuacán, despite its popularity & affluence of tourists, still holds a lot of mysteries --heck, we don't even know the true name of the city!-- but thanks to modern technologies there's a chance we'll be able to solve some of its riddles. With the use of a remote-controlled robot (developed by Mexican engineers, I might add) archeologists have discovered 3 ancient burial chambers in the temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcóatl). The academicians have been utilizing mechanical probes since 2010, with the hopes of finding the burial chambers of the monarchs of this great urban complex, built by one of the greatest civilizations in the Americas. If they are successful, this will surely be one of the greatest news of the decade.

Stay tuned!

1 Teotihuacán is the name the Aztecs gave to these ruins. It means 'the land where men became gods,' which shows how they would have probably agreed with Arthur C Clarke's 3rd law: "any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic."

Were the builders of Teotihuacán supreme beings, then? If we found the remnants of their rulers, would we be amazed by their morphological differences?

This week we saw the release of Steven Greer's documentary SIRIUS, amid a lot of preemptive controversy surrounding the so-called 'alien humanoid' he (did not) uncovered in the Atacama desert of Chile.

With this in mind, I decided to watch it anyway, and even though there was a lot of ego stroke & Greer's  body-guard's proclivity to show his deltoids crept me out a bit --not to mention how I cringed when I saw the inclusion of the Jerusalem Temple UFO vids & the equally controversial film of a supposedly crop circle in the making-- I must nonetheless conclude SIRIUS is a film worth watching.


Despite my personal distaste for Greer's self-promoting, I can't say I'm intrinsically against some of the things he promotes. Yes, the appropriation of Tibetan paraphernalia seems New-Age-y, but that doesn't mean the concept of a unified field of consciousness permeating the whole of Creation is necessarily wrong. I don't know if there's a deliberate attempt to withhold free-energy technologies which would free us from our dependency from fossil fuels, but I'm quite certain our current paradigm encourages most of the populace to think of such ideas as pure nonsense.

Steven Greer topless
Muy Picante ~ E

As for ATA, the DNA results obtained by Dr. Nolan & Dr. Lachman are exactly as ambiguous as I'm accustomed to obtain from the UFO phenomenon. Nolan admits that Ata is, if not fully human, at least as closer to humans as chimpanzees. And if you think about it, that's exactly what so-called Contactees & abductees have been telling us since the 1950s --that the 'Space brothers' have been fooling around with our DNA for a looong, long, time.

In fact, ATA's analysis made me think of Whitley Strieber's old theories about 'neotenization', or how the aliens might be using undeveloped human fetuses to  procreate, in which case looking for substantial genomic differences between them & ourselves is a rather moot exercise --the irony here is that Strieber has currently criticized Greer & his documentary, which is not too surprising if you've studied his continuous ambivalence...

Bottomline is, the SIRIUS documentary & the Ata DNA results are permeated with the same kind of ambiguity that lets you project your desired expectations into the UFO phenomenon. If you think aliens are our Space Brothers, our just a bunch of hooey, then it'll give you just that.

One thing we shouldn't oversee though, is the fact that according to Dr. Nolan & Dr. Lachman this weird humanoid lived to be 6 to 8 years old --think about it: a 13-cm humanoid being able to breathe & eat without the need of modern medical care-- and that no known genetic syndrome is able to explain ALL the apparent malformations present in this specimen --which makes it a one-of-a-kind by default.


Watch it, and reach your own conclusions.

Until next time, this is RPJ jacking out, encouraging you to live with a high degree of uncertainty... about EVERYTHING.

Miguel Romero

Miguel Romero a.k.a. Red Pill Junkie is a cartoonist and fortean blogger who writes at Mysterious Universe

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