Apr 08, 2013 I Jack Wain

World War Z Survival Guide

Urghhhh! Sorry, I mean "Run!" This is a big one folks. In lieu of the coming World War Z movie (thank you, Max Brooks), I thought that I'd help you prepare for the actual zombie apocalypse. Grab your axes, ladies and gents, it's going to get wild. And bloody.

Personal Locator


Very first on your survival list should be your very own personal locator for two reasons: 1) Whenever you're in trouble - and it's the Zombie Apocalypse, so there's going to be trouble - it's nice to know that somebody can find you, and 2) Zombies can't use them...probably.

First Aid Kit


If you're going to be running for your life and violently fighting off hordes of the undead, eventually you're going to get hurt, which is why you should always pack yourself a first-aid kit. It would also be a good idea to get some basic first-aid training beforehand too...




Eventually, no matter how fit you are or how much cardio you did before the dead overran your gym, you are going to get tired, so why not just drive yourself to safety? Let's face it, gas prices aren't going to be a problem, and you don't want to get caught waiting for the bus.

Zombie 570x380
"My Momma' always said, 'Urghhhh'."

A Flashlight


It may sound like a simple one to remember, but when the rabid hordes come a-knocking, it would be understandable for anyone to forget. A flashlight may prove to be one the most useful instruments in your Z-Day celebrations, from scavenging food from the local supermarkets or desperately attempting to reload your rifle in the dark. Just be sure to turn it off when you're finished, there's no need to waste batteries.

An Axe


Sure, there are countless items which may be more practical, easier to carry and ultimately more dangerous than an axe, but if you're one the remnants of the human civilization, desperately clinging to life and facing danger at every turn, it wouldn't hurt to make a statement. I mean, it's either an axe or Liam Neeson...

liam neeson taken 22 600x371 570x352
"Can't talk, Hun. Zombies."


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