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Red Pills of the Week — May 4th

Greetings, fellow Coppertops! This week’s batch of red pills will bring us lake monsters & near-crashes with UFOs, ancient metallic spheres & tiny modern robots, super bionic ears & gravity-defying anti-matter. And as we scoop small pieces of the famous Tunguska blast in Russia, we’ll also acknowledge the efforts to bring about UFO disclosure in America. Now listen up, crew! My mom turns 70 on May 5th, and because of that she’s coming in for a little R&R, so you’d better shape up & clean the cabins in the Nebuchadnezzar –and for God’s sake, pick up Trinity’s underwear from the main deck!!



This week we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first Internet portal. I remember how in the mid 90s I was in college & I heard some of my schoolmates talk in a new strange jargon, using words like like ‘FTP’, ‘Gopher’ & ‘Newsletters’. I was mysteriously drawn tho these arcane terms, and when I discovered I could use a terminal in the school’s computer lab to access a whole new dimension of instant information, and that with the use of a keyboard I could befriend people all around the world, I instantly knew I’d found something that would change me forever. Today I could simply not understand my life without the freedom of interconnectedness, and for that I’m forever thankful.

But with light there also comes the dark, and interestingly enough we also just commemorated the 20th anniversary of the infamous Waco massacre, a tragedy that somehow seems to have rippling repercussions even to this day.

Things like these remind me that our survival as a species is by no means guaranteed, and that perhaps the lot of advanced civilizations is to forever walk on a razor’s edge. So we’d better learn to keep our balance.

9 Today I rented Cloud Atlas, which I failed to see when it was still on the theaters. I must say that I was greatly impressed by it, even though I’m fully aware most people would find such a film completely nonsensical.


Cloud Atlas deals a lot with the problem of domination in the relationships between humans. The domination can go to such extremes as to be expressed in the form of slavery, or even worse: cannibalism. Nowadays we’d think of cannibalism as a dying practice only preserved by a pocket of primitive tribes, isolated in some faraway island on the Pacific; but the fact is that the act of consuming human flesh has surfaced time & time again in the Western world, when the primordial instincts of self-preservation overcome the domain of social conventions.

_67359957_jamestown_reconstructed_faceAn example of such practices can be found in the oldest European settlement in North America: Jamestown. During the harsh winter of 1609-1610 which is currently known as the Starving Time, the colonists had exhausted all their provisions; and after eating out the horses, dogs, cats, rats & even the leather of their shoes, there was no alternative but to rely on the last source of sustenance available –the corpses of the dead.

Social status was of little concern, as was discerned by the archeologists after analyzing the skeletal remains of a young girl, which had evident traces of dismemberment & defleshing through the use of cutting tools. Even the brain was extracted, since it’s a great source of high protein –just ask Hannibal Lecter.

8 But cannibalism was not just a matter of mere survival among ancient cultures. It was a ritual practice intended to imbue the consumer with the essence of the person being consumed  –giving a rather peculiar interpretation to the common phrase “eat me!”

One culture that was very fond of ritual cannibalism was the Celts, who left a lasting influence in most of the British isles, including Ireland. Speaking of Ireland, a new Youtube video shot by some students in lough Foyle which seems to show a large aquatic creature, has stirred up a great deal of controversy:


The students were visiting the lake while filming a short film project entitled ‘Fishing with David Lynch’, when they captured what looks like a large creature breaking through the water. The “creature” swims along the surface of the lake, rather uninterested in the gasping onlookers, and then disappears under the water and out of sight.

The footage was released by Conall Melarkey [emphasis mine] from Moville, Donegal in Ireland, and has already amassed over 100,000 views in a very short while, stirring up loads of controversy at the same time.

The Fortean fact that these guys would have managed to capture a monster while shooting a short film centered around David Lynch is just the kind of WTF thing that would incline me to pay more attention to it. Unfortunately, I think my mentor Loren Coleman is right in pointing out the ‘word-game’ involved in this clip, and that this ‘Melarkey’ is quite possibly ‘all con.’

7 If lake monsters are real, then it would only make sense to insure your vessel in case of some unexpected collision. That’s just what a cruise line in loch Ness has just done, BTW.

But, is that enough? what if the famous Scottish lake also happens to be a subaquatic alien base? then shouldn’t the boats sailing its murky waters likewise seek to protect themselves against crashes with alien craft, rising from the bottom of the lake? Do you reckon Reptilians get a nice discount with Geico?

Silly ideas? Quite possibly, and yet serious UFOlogical researchers like Leslie Kean are still trying to raise awareness to the reality of the UFO phenomenon, by warning of the possible risks these objects pose to commercial aircraft. Risks like the one experienced just recently by an Airbus A320 just when it was approaching the Glasgow airport.


The A320 was flying with its landing lights on, in clear conditions and at an altitude of about 4,000ft above the Baillieston area of Glasgow, when the pilot and non-flying pilot saw an object “loom ahead” at a range of about 100m.

The object passed directly beneath the aircraft before either of the crew members had time to take avoiding action or had “really registered it”.But they both agreed that it appeared to have been blue and yellow or silver in colour with a small frontal area, but “bigger than a balloon”.The pilot asked the controller at Glasgow Airport if he was “talking to anything in the area” as he had “got quite close” to a blue and yellow aircraft, travelling in the opposite direction, which had passed just below him.

The controller stated that he was not talking to anyone else in that area and that nothing was seen on radar.

However, some people are trying to ascribe a terrestrial –or rather, maritime– explanation to this strange object, by claiming it was just a flying r/c shark. I don’t know if I buy this explanation though, since this aerial fish doesn’t show a lot of yellow in its skin. What do you think?


130501193208In order to avoid collisions with anomalous aerial phenomena, commercial pilots would benefit tremendously if they were endowed with enhanced senses, like say X-ray vision or super-hearing.

Well, despite what you were promised by your favorite comic book, X-ray vision is nowhere in sight –no pun intended. Super-hearing however, seems just around the corner, thanks to this 3D-printable bionic ear which can ‘hear’ radio frequencies far beyond normal human hearing; a remarkable merging of biology with modern electronics.

I wonder if Vincent Van Gogh would find any consolation in that.

5 Another reason to upgrade to super-bionic ears? So you can hear the tiny robotic insects swarming near you, before they start recording your every move!


Keep your aluminum foil AND flypaper handy at all times, my brethren!

4 Okay so maybe I am being a little paranoid here. I’m sure there are lots of positive applications for the development of tiny little robot drones: Pollinating crops once bees die off –using Monsanto’s proprietary software, of course– dropping smart bombs on cockroaches, and maybe even investigating ancient Mexican temples.

Scientists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology have been studying the hidden chambers beneath the temple of Quetzalcóatl (the feathered serpent) at the Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan, using a robot named Tlaloc II-TC after Mexico’s ancient god of rain. While they hope to pinpoint the location of the tombs belonging to some of Teotihuacan’s rulers, they have come accross a fascinating mystery: hundreds of mysterious yellow orbs made out of pyrite, for which they currently have no explanation.

Well I may not have a degree in Archeology, but I do have a degree in Japanese Anime, and to any seasoned Otaku the answer should be clear as rain:

quetzalcoatl_shen-long teotihuacan-spheres_dragon-balls

Mystery solved! Can I make my wish then?

3 I’m pretty sure that dragon balls are not made of anti-matter, otherwise the moment Goku laid his hands in one of them, he would have exploded, tail & all!


Antimatter has the opposite charge & spin than regular matter. Does that mean that antimatter particles would then fall upward due to Gravity? As crazy as that might sound, that’s exactly what physicist Joel Fajan & his colleagues at the Alpha experiment at Switzerland’s CERN physics lab tried to measure. The tricky part of the experiment? trying to do any measurements without annihilating your measurement device.

Scientists get around this predicament by building traps for antimatter made with magnets, which force antimatter particles to stay in a certain area. As soon as the magnets are turned off, the antimatter falls onto the walls of the trap and eviscerates.

But which direction does it fall toward?

To find out, the researchers studied the flashes of light created when antiparticles annihilated matter particles in the walls of the trap after its magnets were turned off. The location and time of the flashes depend on the initial position and velocity of the antimatter atoms, and the path they take when they fall.

Unfortunately the results are inconclusive, so Fajan says more tests would be needed to find out whether antimatter is the secret to unlocking antigravity.

2 The contact between particles of matter & antimatter create the most energetic explosions in Nature, which is why some people have suggested that the mysterious Tunguska blast of 1908 was caused by a small antimatter comet –or an alien ship with a faulty Warp drive engine.

Tunguska rocks

But now comes news that the first meteorite fragments of the Tunguska blast have been discovered, which may finally close the file on this 105-year-old mystery…unless the fragments were part of the alien vessel’s cargo.

1 Over the years I’ve heard the rumors that Stalin was very interested in the Tunguska event, and that after word got out about the Roswell crash, he sent out an expedition in order to retrieve the fragments of whatever it was that caused the explosion. I also read that over the years the Soviets gathered quite a collection of alien saucers in their own version of Area 51.


Do the governments of the world have knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence on our planet? That was exactly the premise of Steven Bassett’s Citizen Hearing of Disclosure, which took place at Washington’s Press Club last week. Over the 5 days the hearing lasted, Huff Post’s Lee Spiegel did a yeoman’s work live blogging the highlights of the event, with day 4 dedicated to UFO events all around the world, and day 5 showing the testimony of commercial and military pilots who had close encounters with unidentified objects. Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer’s statement closed the event, expressing his belief that “(there) are different species and, consequently, may have different agendas. I don’t think we can say that they all have the same agenda any more than we can say that the United States, China and Russia have the same agenda. Our real interests may be similar, but as of now, our perceived interests are still quite far apart.”

“My interest is in about 95 to 98 percent of full disclosure — I know of one or two things that I’m not sure should be in the public domain, at least yet. They will be someday, I’m sure. But just as children survive the idea of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus when they become adult, I think the taxpaying citizens are quite capable of accepting the new and broader reality that we live in a cosmos teeming with life of various sorts.

“The fact that some other civilizations are more advanced than we are may be humbling. But that could be a necessary step in our survival.”

But aside from Spiegel, the mainstream media barely bothered to notice the proceeding, and only to highlight the spotty trajectories of the former members of Congress who were invited to attend, the fact they were being paid to attend, and also to take photos of the more um, colorful members of the public present at the Press Club.

Gee Steven, was it too much to ask to put a sign by the entrance saying “leave your mind-altering Lemurian bling outside”?

So, was it all a waste of time (and money)? It seems that the conclusion reached by the panel was that the next step was to try to raise the issue of UFOs before the United Nations, and for that you need at least one member country to make a formal petition.

“All we would need is one country, but I think that we have several countries from South America, and certainly, this group here might have enough influence to get their government to go on record, and to field a resolution creating an agency of the United Nations…specifically with the goal to organize a global conference — not a hearing — of the scholars and scientists that would come together and fund it — both from public and private sources — so that, within a couple of years, we could convene a conference that would command the attention of the world.”

But with the global economy in such an state of disarray, I find it highly unlikely that the UN would be willing to spend its straining resources in things like flying saucers. Which is more important: trying to find a way to feed the 1.22 billion humans living in extreme poverty in the developing world, or trying to prevent humans from being abducted by aliens?

The irony, of course, is that if we had incontrovertible proof of a non-human presence meddling from time to time on the affairs of our planet, then perhaps that would be the greatest incentive to put an end to our infantile differences, so we could then try to mature enough in order to establish a relationship with the ‘big boys’ out there.

It seems They –whoever or whatever they are– have the next move. As always.

Until next time, this is RPJ jacking out, reminding you that we don’t need an official endorsement to find out the things that matter.


Miguel Romero a.k.a. Red Pill Junkie is a cartoonist and fortean blogger who writes at Mysterious Universe
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