May 30, 2013 I Mysterious Universe

Some Very Creepy Paranormal Art

Being the fan of fantasy and paranormal art that I am, I am subscribed to quite a few subreddits and RSS feeds that post interesting works constantly. I thought I would share a few of the creepy, weird and fantastical pieces that I come across and in the process give the artists some exposure. If you have art any that you would like to show off, post them in the comments below!

slenderman by damienworm d662qps 570x456
Slenderman by DamienWorm

leftovers 570x882
Leftover by Andrew Theophilopoulos

hpbRckF 570x758
Yeti by Raoul Vitale

106 max 570x420
Buddha Palm by Fenghua Zhong

cd9b61dec91ad62552d04451f4194d41 d4j6uks 570x339
Bummer by AndrewMar

Dunwich Horror 570x765
Dunwich Horror by Curt Chiarelli

tyrannical devil by lucasgraciano d5agjlm 570x445
Tyrannical Devil by Luca Graciano

toothCreatureSmall 570x737
A Baby Creature by Shreya Shetty

demon lord by kenbarthelmey d5726ye 570x785
Demon Lord by Ken Barthelmey

Jozin z Bazin 570x351
Jozin z Bazin by Sergey Kolesov

Nightmare by kalessaradan 570x428
Nightmare by Paul Bielaczyc

creature from the black lagoon fini med 570x637
Under my Bed by Mark Molchan

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