Jun 21, 2013 I Mysterious Universe

Art of the Future: A Peek Inside the Singularity

Something that we talk a lot about at Mysterious Universe is the technological singularity. An amazing time in our near future where technology has reached such heights that our lives are changed forever. Advanced AI will take control of much of our day to day, limbs and organs will be replaced in various ways, computers will have power so great, they will be able to predict the future.

ship of the sky yongsub noh 570x330
Ship of the Sky by YongSub Noh

medi droid jeremy love 570x823
Medi Droid by Jeremy Love

091 max 570x380
Ambulance Mech by Vitaly Bulgarov

450 max 2 570x860
Praetorian P-1 by Vitaly Bulgarov

081 large 570x640
Legendary Lemur by Darren Bartley

Head long ou yang 2 570x347
Head by Long Ou Yang

cannon by ishutani d5x7iek 570x320
Cannon by Ishutani

unseen moon by shimmering sword d62kfwx 570x356
Unseen Moon by Shimmering Sword

u r obsolete web by dangercook d5z6vwp 570x950
U-R Obsolete by Dangercook

655 max 570x272
NASA Aircraft by Oscar Cafaro

CHHd8qy 570x738
Katzenjammer by Goro Fujita

710 max 2 570x736
Android Legacy 4 by Oliver Wetter

thescout 2 570x266
The Scout by Brian Sum

arrival by zethrix d68mdwj 570x267
Arrival by Zethrix

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