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Red Pills of the Week — July 27th

Greetings, fellow Coppertops! This week’s training mission will involve UFOs over the Himalayas which may or may not be evidence of post-biological ETs, polite dolphins who call each other by name before a gangbang, and King David’s palace where gangbangs probably occurred every night. And as we wait to see if Joe Rogan rises to the challenge of investigating some of our favorite mysteries, we’ll wonder whether taste for tea is something that persists in the afterlife. Let me tell you something, it’s so hot right now that I could definitely go for a Long Island iced tea! too bad there’s nothing but black coffee aboard the Nebuchadnezzar :-/

10 I think it’s only fitting that we start the Red Pills with this stunning image of our own home planet, taken by the Cassini probe which is currently orbiting around Saturn, some 1.44 billion kilometers away:


The chills down our spine when contemplating this photograph are not unfamiliar to us, since they remind us of an older image taken by Voyager 1 in 1990 by request of the late Carl Sagan, who later wrote the book A Pale Blue Dot:


Science endows us with a vantage point from which we can look back at the few steps we’ve taken to reach our current location, but it is with courage & imagination that we can redouble our efforts to continue our journey.


Not a drone, says China. All of China. Everyone at once.

Not a drone, says China. All of China. Everyone at once. ~ E

Is the vision of Earth as a pale blue dot engulfed by the blackness of the void a familiar image to any potential visitor from other star system? That’s something I think of frequently every time I look up into the night sky, to admire the few stars bright enough to defeat the light pollution of Mexico city –which I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what you can admire from somewhere like the remote Ladakh region near the Himalayas.

Since 2012 we’ve informed of the hundreds of UFO sightings made by the Indian troops in charge of patrolling the border between their nation & China-controlled Tibet, which were initially dismissed by skeptics as mere Chinese lanterns, released during some religious ceremony. Suspecting the yellowish lights rising from the horizon & hovering for more than 3 hours before disappearing might be the result of Chinese drones invading their airspace, the Indian government made formal inquiries with the Chinese Army, who emphatically denies any involvement.

That’s why India decided to send 2 researchers from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore to Ladakh, with the objective of trying to find an explanation for the UFOs. The solution to the mystery risking a confrontation between 2 nuclear powers, according to the Indian Telegraph: The UFOs were Jupiter & Venus.

Army lance naik Sheminderpal Singh […] told the astronomers that he had noticed a delay of four minutes in the appearance of one of the objects each consecutive day. Singh also told them that the object seemed to be the brightest light in the sky and always appeared to move with respect to the stars.

The IIAP team told the Indian Army to use an instrument called a theodolite to record the horizontal angle and vertical elevation of the two objects. Army personnel performed these observations between February 17 and 22 and submitted the data to the IIAP.

The astronomers have concluded that the object observed from Point 4715 is Jupiter as the observations coincide with the planet’s diurnal motion and the apparent motion of the object due to the rotation of the Earth. The description of the second unidentified object that appeared early in the morning suggests that it is Venus, which is currently moving behind the Sun and will in the coming months appear as an evening object. The IIAP team said stars and planets over the horizon in Ladakh appear very bright because of increased atmospheric transparency at the high altitude and both Jupiter and Venus at the time were the brightest planets in the sky. The astronomers also clarified that objects that rise in the east may appear to be moving across the LAC and approaching the Indian side.

So what do you think? Is this case closed for ALL the UFO sightings over Ladakh, or is this a white-washing campaign intended to alleviate tensions & avoid an international incident? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


The key to light speed travel... Redbull.

The key to light speed travel… Redbull.

But not all scientists think UFOs are nothing but misidentifications of Jupiter, swamp gas or hoaxes. According to physicist Eric Davis, who is trying to work on ways to build a real-life Warp propulsion drive, that’s just what debunkers would like us to believe:

“There are scientists who are aware of evidence and observational data that is not refutable. It is absolutely corroborated, using forensic techniques and methodology. But they won’t come out and publicize that because they fear it. Not the subject — they fear the backlash from their professional colleagues. The impact on their career might be detrimental and they’d get bad publicity.”

Which is something of an infuriating catch-22, since unless those scientists have the balls to come forward & show the evidence they have, which in Davis’s opinion is proof that some UFOs are “craft of a supremely advanced technology,” skepdicks & nay-sayers will keep on scorning the phenomenon. Then again, maybe that observational data is not as irrefutable as we would like to believe, and would not be enough to convince the most stubborn opponents of the reality of UFOs.

What would be required to break this annoying stale-mate, besides the proverbial landing on the White House’s lawn?

7 Perhaps the reason our culture is so averse to UFOs, is that the phenomenon does not just stick to weird lights observed in the sky. Whether we like it or not, a significant amount of the population is convinced that they are being involuntarily taken from their bedrooms by non-human entities, who perform painful medical procedures on their prisoners aboard their craft. And the fact these experiences take a long time to surface into the abductees’ waking consciousness, is because the alien captors have the (alleged) capacity to manipulate their memories.

Perhaps we ourselves are not so far away of attaining that power: A group of researchers have successfully implanted false memories on mice using a technique called optogenetics –activating switches in the brain using beams of light. In the case of the mice, the fake memory involved causing a fear reaction for a place the rodents have already been in; but if a similar technique is used by the aliens, could that account for the strange ‘magic wands’ which are reported to be pointed at the heads of some abductees?



We are always watching... waiting.

We are always watching… waiting.

Regardless on where you stand on the subject of alien abductions, even mainstream Science is willing to consider communication with extraterrestrial civilizations as something worth pursuing, hence the continuing efforts of SETI & similar agencies in trying to detect some faint signal of intelligence amid the cosmic background noise. But if they did manage to succeed, aside from confirming we’re not alone in the Universe, what would happen next? Would we be able to comprehend the content of the alien message?

Perhaps it would be best if we started with something easier, like trying to communicate with the non-human intelligences inhabiting our own planet. I’m talking of course of whales & dolphins, whose complex social structure still manage to amaze us. A new study has confirmed what some marine biologists had already suspected for quite some time: each dolphin has ‘signature whistle’ they respond to when called by other members of their group, which serves for all intents & purposes as an individual name.

The research was performed by a group of scientists on a boat off eastern Scotland who joined up with a group of wild dolphins. When one of the dolphins announced itself with its signature whistle—the equivalent of “Joey!” for instance—the researchers recorded that sound.
Later, the team played that same “Joey!” call back to the dolphins, and a significant portion of the time, the dolphin they called Joey responded with the same call—as if Joey was saying, “Yup, I’m here.”

The dolphins responded a little when the scientists played recordings of whistles of familiar dolphins from the same population, but did not respond at all to unfamiliar dolphins from a different population.

"So long & thanks for all the fish," signed Eeeh-Ehh-Aaah-Iiih!

“So long & thanks for all the fish”

The results of this study raise a lot of fascinating questions: does it mean then that dolphins have a sense of individuality, & a concept of the self similar to our own?

5 If only we could understand our cetacean friends better, so they could help us locate the ruins of Atlantis like in the movie Cocoon. Speaking of ancient ruins, a group of archeologists led by Hebrew University’s Yossi Garfinkel have found a fortified ruin they believe is the palace of king David:

“Khirbet Qeiyafa is the best example exposed to date of a fortified city from the time of King David,” said Yossi Garfinkel, a Hebrew University archaeologist, suggesting that David himself would have used the site.
…Garfinkel said his team found cultic objects typically used by Judeans, the subjects of King David, and saw no trace of pig remains. Pork is forbidden under Jewish dietary laws. Clues like these, he said, were “unequivocal evidence” that David and his descendants had ruled at the site.

Frankly, I’d be far more excited if they managed to find the tomb of Goliath, you know what I’m sayin’?

4 And I’m sure I would not be the only one who would be thrilled if they found the remains of an ancient giant, confirming the tales of the Anunnaki. Joe Rogan, everyone’s favorite comedic warrior poet, just had his new TV show Joe Rogan Questions Everything premiered on SyFy this week, and the pilot involved a topic close to Joe’s heart: Bigfoot.


Both SyFy & Amazon’s cunty geo-blocking policies forced my hand into acquiring the show through more um, unorthodox channels, which allowed me to watch Joe & his buddy Duncan Trussell squatching on the woods of the Pacific Northwest. He also interviewed Dr. Jeff Meldrum explaining why the Patterson-Gimlin footage ain’t a guy in a monkey suit, along with Dr. Matthew Johnson narrating his life-changing encounter with the hairy creature in 2000.  Lastly, Joe had some alleged Bigfoot DNA sequenced by mohawk-wearing Dr. David Swenson, which it was never explicitly stated where it came from, though anyone mildly interested in the topic would quickly recognize it to be from Melba Ketchum’s controversial study –the verdict: DNA was from bear & coyote.

3 things are evident from the 1st show:

  • Joe is a really REALLY short dude –seeing him makes me think of a Macedonian soldier in Alexander’s army
  • Even he couldn’t avoid falling in the stereotypically lame recourse of night-vision footage –changing “OMG what was that?” for “‘BLEEP’ Duude!” is not much of an improvement…
  • Despite the initial open-mindedness shown at the beginning, Swenson’s sequencing of (Ketchum’s?) DNA allowed Rogan to keep himself neutral about the possible existence of an unknown primate in North America.

So my final verdict is that, even though Joe Rogan Questions Everything is not deviating much from the traditional format of past paranormal shows, I don’t really mind if Powerful Joe is exploiting SyFy to have the chance to pursue the Fortean mysteries for his own personal benefit. Anyone who’s been following his podcast already knows his interest is genuine, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

…But if he shows more night-time footage again I’m gonna be pissed!


I'd pay for this show.

I’d pay for this show.

I might be too lenient with Joe Rogan due to the fact that thanks to him I was able to come into contact with the work of Duncan Trussell, Daniele Bolelli & Dr. Christopher Ryan, all of them producing podcasts I’m subscribed to. Ryan came into the spotlight thanks to his best-seller book Sex at Dawn, in which he refutes our preconceptions regarding monogamy & cultural violence. One of his postulates is that H. Sapiens is not violent by nature, and that war as we know it is a fairly recent social development.

A recent study published by a group of Finnish researchers favors his viewpoint: Their findings suggest that war was uncommon among early nomadic groups, a conclusion they reached by studying a subset of records from a well-known database, containing information on 186 contemporary hunter-gatherer cultures around the world.

These old records contained data on 148 lethal events. Of the 138 killings in which circumstances were “unambiguous,” 55 percent were determined to have involved one killer and one victim, the study said.In most killings (85 percent of the time), the killer and victim came from the same society. Men were most often the killers. Women were the aggressors just four percent of the time.

“Most incidents of lethal aggression can aptly be called homicides, a few others feud, and only a minority warfare,” said the study.

Obviously not everyone is willing to agree with their conclusions, yet it gives ground to a lot of interesting speculation, especially considering how modern human settlements tend to be so numerous they produce a sense of personal detachment from your immediate community. Like, when was the last time you attended a neighborhood meeting?

Perhaps if we learned to strengthen those immediate social relationships, people in the West wouldn’t be so preoccupied about stockpiling weapons, fearing the moment when the shit finally hits the fan & the neighbors invade their property to steal any food they keep saved.



And if we finally learned that war is nothing but a transient phase among intelligent species, then perhaps we would be more optimist about the prospect of meeting our galactic neighbors, whom undoubtedly are out there, even if we haven’t (officially) detected their presence.

But if that fateful day should come and our neighbors dropped by for a visit, would they be biological organisms like us? theoretical physicist Paul Davies finds it highly unlikely, and considers instead that any extraterrestrial intelligence we’ll get in contact with will be ‘post-biological’ in nature:

“I think it very likely – in fact inevitable – that biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon, a fleeting phase in the evolution of the universe,” Davies writes in The Eerie Silence. “If we ever encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, I believe it is overwhelmingly likely to be post-biological in nature.”In the current search for advanced extraterrestrial life SETI experts say the odds favor detecting alien AI rather than biological life because the time between aliens developing radio technology and artificial intelligence would be brief.

“If we build a machine with the intellectual capability of one human, then within 5 years, its successor is more intelligent than all humanity combined,” says Seth Shostak, SETI chief astronomer. “Once any society invents the technology that could put them in touch with the cosmos, they are at most only a few hundred years away from changing their own paradigm of sentience to artificial intelligence,” he says.

Respectfully, I personally don’t think that ‘post-biological’ necessarily equates to ‘artificial.’ What if advanced alien intelligences managed to transcend the limits of ordinary matter, and evolved to become beings of pure energy & consciousness?

1 If that is the case, then we probably wouldn’t be able to distinct between an incorporeal extraterrestrial visitor, and what we now interpret as ‘spectral manifestations’ –i.e. ghosts.

I confess that phantom encounters have never managed to attract me as much as the rest of the Fortean phenomena, but from time to time there comes a case that manages to spike my curiosity. This happened recently when my good friend Susan sent me the link to this video, taken by the security camera of a British shop, apparently showing some paranormal activity involving a box of tea levitating just behind an unaware customer:


Owner Michelle Newbold told Kent Online she came across the footage while doing her weekly review of the tapes.

“I was perplexed I suppose. I just couldn’t believe it. I have no idea about how it has happened,” she said.

The clip, uploaded last Friday, has already been seen more than 55,000 times.

Many viewers believe it is a marketing hoax for the store. But Newbold insists it is the real deal.

“I’d be interested to find out more if anyone knows anything because I have no clue. I have never seen anything like this since I have been in the shop,” she added.

Leave it to British ghosts to be messing around with the tea. If it was a Mexican specter, then I’m sure it would have moved to the liquor aisle in search of stronger spirits.

Until next time, this is RPJ jacking out, suggesting to you that perhaps ghosts are nothing but Luddite aliens.


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