Sep 20, 2013 I Bret Oldham

Alien Abductions and the Missing Fetus Phenomenon

One of the most disturbing aspects of the alien abduction phenomenon is the multitude of pregnant women who report having their fetus taken from them during an abduction event. These intrusive incidents are occurring on a much grander scale than most of the general public realize because it is also one of the least reported. Unlike many alien abduction experiences where the memory of the event is suppressed by the aliens themselves, many women and couples endure painful memories of these traumatic medical procedures. It is my belief that this is done on purpose by the alien captors as a means for them to monitor the strong emotions exhibited by their human subjects in relation to the procedure. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the unfortunate victims spend their life suffering in silence; too afraid of the ridicule that would come should they reveal the true nature of their missing fetuses.

Medical doctors certainly aren't going to come forward and announce the details and mysteries surrounding these types of cases. It's much easier for them to declare a simple miscarriage and be done with it. Those that work in the psychiatric field would follow suit and declare the same conclusion. Save for the few therapists that specialize in alien abductees, these woman have no where to turn; no where to seek help. So, they keep quiet and hope to someday forget. Most live in constant fear that it will happen again should they ever become pregnant. Sadly, it often does.


Most reports implicate the Greys, (the small frail creatures with the large heads and black almond shaped eyes) as the aliens responsible. My book, "Children Of  The Greys" is about my life long abductions by the Greys. In it, I give detailed accounts of many of my abduction experiences. My experiences with the Greys began when I was only five years old and still continue to this day. I've been subjected to all kinds of medical procedures, sexual procedures and mental experiments. As a result, I've been left with both physical and psychological scars. I know the damage that can be left on ones psyche from experiences with these other-worldly beings. I feel empathy for the women who are sexually violated by these alien visitors in such a way. I understand what they are going through because I've witnessed it, I've lived it, and I've felt the strong emotional impact left by this cold heartless act.

In, "The Baby Takers", Chapter 7 of "Children Of  The Greys", I devote almost the entire chapter to such an incident. This incident was personal as it happened to me and my girlfriend at the time. It was one of the most traumatic things I was ever subjected to by the Greys. I was forced to watch while they removed a fetus from my girlfriend.

She was one week shy of four months into her pregnancy term when this event took place and, up until that fateful night, was having a perfectly normal pregnancy. She had just been to her OBGYN less than a week before for a checkup. Everything was perfectly normal.

We were awakened by a loud bang on the night we were taken. I raised my head up to see what had caused the noise. As I did, I saw four small Greys in the room with us. Three of them were surrounding the bed and one of them was standing in back of the room close to the master bath. We were taken before either of us could react. It was that quick. We found out the next morning what had caused the loud bang that had woken us up. We had an old typewriter setting on a small table against a wall in the bedroom. One of the aliens had inadvertently knocked it off. I don't think they meant to wake us. They placed us in the same room and forced me to watch them remove the fetus from her.  The only part of my body that I could move was my head. Once I realized what was happening, I looked away. When I did, one of the Greys around the platform I was on placed his long spindly fingers around the top of my head and turned it back toward the platform my girlfriend was on. The mental control these alien beings have over you is beyond description. I could not resist their desire to have me watch the procedure. She was hysterical and begging them to stop. I was overcome with rage.


When we woke up the next morning we were alarmed to find a small amount of blood on the sheets. My girlfriend instantly got up and went to the bathroom to check herself. "I'm bleeding some", she called out to me and told me to call her doctor. The doctors office told us to come in immediately. She was examined and was told that she most likely had a miscarriage. She told the doctor that she was positive that no tissue had came out. He told us that she would need what he called a "D&C". Basically, he would go in and clean the womb of the tissue. We went across the street to the hospital to have this done. I had called her mother and mine and told them what was going on. Both of them came to the hospital for support and sat with me in waiting room during the procedure. After the doctor finished the D&C I saw him walking down the hall toward us. I got up to greet him, as did my mother. I noticed that he had a concerned looked on his face. "Is something wrong?" I asked. "She's fine", he replied. He then rubbed his head and continued, "I've never seen anything like it. There was no tissue at all in the womb. It was completely clean. If I hadn't just examined her I would think that this woman had never been pregnant. I can't explain it". We thanked him. He was still shaking his head in disbelief as he walked away. I turned to my mother and said, "They took it". I had remembered everything from the night before but was too emotionally drained to explain to her at that time.


This event happened in the late 1980's. I found out later that she too remembered everything. We only told a few close family members what had really happened and made the decision that it was best to just keep quiet about it. At the time, we figured that no one would believe us anyways. "They" got what they wanted. There was nothing we could do about it but go on with our lives. Last year I was contacted by a television show called "Monsters & Mysteries in America, which airs on the Destination America channel. They ended up doing a segment on my abduction case.

In the segment, they also interviewed the woman who experienced the fetus incident with me. I hadn't spoken to her in years and had no idea what, if anything, she remembered about that night. After they taped her interview the producer told me that she remembered almost exactly the same things as I did. The Greys had made no effort to erase or suppress either of our memories of that night. They are intensely interested in human emotions which is why they let us remember and forced me to watch. They wanted to monitor our emotional reactions to it.

My book was published not long after that show aired. On the cover I put a depiction of a small hybrid female that I was introduced to by the Greys. Soon after, people from all walks of life and from all over the world began to contact me. These people were police, flight attendants, teachers, lawyers and so on. They were regular everyday people who could be your neighbor. You would never know that they these horrible things had been done to them. Just like I did for so many years, they were keeping quiet. Most of them hadn't even told immediate family members. They had no one to turn to for help. All of them lived in fear of ridicule. They feared they would lose their jobs or be diagnosed with some severe mental illness and placed under care and supervision in a mental health care facility.


One woman I spoke with told me that she had mysteriously become pregnant when she was a teenager. Her parents were very upset with her and did not believe her when she pleaded with them that she had not had sex. She too had her fetus taken by the Greys at close to the 12th week of her pregnancy. She remembered it all. She tried to tell her parents the truth about what had happened to her but it was all in vain. They had her committed to a mental hospital. This is the unfortunate reality abductees have to live with, especially those who have had fetuses taken from them.

I continued to hear story after story of other people's alien abduction experiences; including stories of them seeing hybrid children who looked very much like the hybrid child on the cover of my book. Some women abductees told me that they had fetuses taken by the Greys several times though out their lives. I was told accounts of women being raped by alien hybrids and then subsequently becoming pregnant from the encounter, only to once again have the fetus removed. Forced sex with alien hybrids is much more common that one would expect. I have experienced this myself. This phenomenon is much more complex than the simple removal of sperm and eggs from the unwilling human participates. The concept and study of human sexuality and emotions play heavy into the equation of the Greys interest in us.


The aliens we call the Greys are creating an alien/human hybrid species. The Greys are interested in the human body as a physical specimen. They are interested in human sexuality and our emotional makeup. Obviously, I've witnessed and experienced much more than I can relate in this short article. Countless others all over the planet have too, but are too afraid to come out publicly with their stories. Alien abductions are real, as is their hybridization program. The full implications of both remain to be seen.

Children of the Greys is available now on Amazon.

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