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Fourth Season of Finding Bigfoot Now Making Tracks

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Well, if you’re in the woods, the answer to that question might be Bigfoot. That’s what a show on Animal Planet would have you believe.

Animal Planet

The fourth season of Finding Bigfoot started last week in the US on the cable channel, and there are more reasons than just proving the existence of the legendary giant hairy beast to watch this “reality” show.

The show follows Bigfoot researchers from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization as they traipse around the world in search of the creature. On most episodes, you’ll see the researchers wandering through the woods at night and investigating noises heard responding to the frequent Bigfoot howls they bellow.
In some ways it’s surprising the show has lasted this long.

It’s first season nearly saw it go extinct when the four researchers, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, James “Bobo” Fay, and Ranae Holland, allegedly nearly quit the show because they didn’t like the way Animal Planet producers cut the show together. Their chief complaint came during an investigation in Florida where Bobo and Matt encountered a horse in the woods. Unsure of what they were seeing in their heat-vision equipment, they pushed forward to investigate.
The producers edited the footage together and presented it without revealing they identified what they were seeing as a horse. When the segment aired, their investigation of “What the hell is it?” was left unresolved as if it might have been a bigfoot.


“It made us look like hoaxers,” Moneymaker has said.

Last season the researchers took their investigations international to places like Australia to look for the Yowie and the Orang Pendek of Indonesia.

But the search for bigfoot is only half the fun of the show. There are so many more reasons to check it out, whether you believe in bigfoot or not. In fact, it might be more fun to watch if you’re not a believer. For nonbelievers it is comedy gold.

Listening to people hunt for bigfoot and throughout the process describing the animal’s behaviors, family dynamic, and physical capabilities, is always good for a skeptical chuckle. Then of course there is the long-haired, slightly obese, and often barefooted Bobo, who has a personality bigger than the sasquatch itself, who never fails to entertain with his in-depth knowledge of the squatch.

Here are a few other reasons to watch the new season of Finding Bigfoot:

  • Snazzy Headgear: The aforementioned Bobo is notorious for the many hats he wears, and we’re talking literal hats here, not the figurative ones. Among his classic hats are ones that say, Gone Squatchin’, Keep it Squatchy, and Respect the Squatch.

  • Witnesses Make Some Crazy Claims: The crew usually holds a public meeting in towns they visit to find out what the locals have seen and heard in the woods. Typically, nearly everyone in the audience of these town meetings raise their hands when they ask the question, “Who here has seen a bigfoot?” Sometimes the witnesses make it sound like bigfoot is an acrobat and magician who lurks the woods with no other purpose than to confuse people.

  • These Are My Woods, Let’s Hold a Rave: The techniques used to find bigfoot are often different to say the least. In an episode from a previous season, Bobo brought in lights and music into the woods and cranked both to the max in an effort to lure in curious bigfoots. In another episode he made it a point to pee on a few trees to mark territory.  “Whose turf is it now creature,” he said while squirting.

  • Finally Learn the Answer to the Question, “Did You Hear That?”: Much like the television show Storage Wars, which is almost always led into a commercial break with someone digging through a pile of storage locker crap and asking, “What is that,” you can rest assured when someone on Finding Bigfoot asks, “Did you hear that,” it’s time for a commercial break. So we learn nothing at all, we learn that hearing a strange noise in the woods is an indication that a commercial is nearby.

The show airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on Animal Planet.

Previous seasons are available on DVD.
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