Nov 28, 2013 I Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe App Update 1.0.2

Our brand new app received a minor update today. We are actively working to keep the app bug free and fix any issues users may be experiencing.

Our top priority is fixing the crashes that are occurring for some users with iOS7 on the iPhone 4S. Our developer has installed "Crashlytics" which will track crashes and help us identify and fix the problem.

We will be doing one more update this year in December that will include the following features:-

  • Save podcast play head position even when app is closed (for all episodes that have been played)
  • On HQ Plus+ episodes, a loading animation will display when opening the episode page.
  • Swipe screen to go to next Article/Episode.
  • Rewind 30 seconds, fast forward 30 seconds on episodes.

The patch notes for the current build (November 25, 2013) are displayed below.

Version Notes 1.0.2 - November 25, 2013

  • Fixed rendering of <strong> and <em>
  • Inline headphone play/pause not working fixed
  • iPad now displays correct home screen icon
  • Updated date format to MM/DD/YY
  • Added crash tracking to solve crashing issues.

You can follow patches via the MU App version page.

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