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Biohazardous Ghost Ship Full of Cannibal Rats is Heading Your Way!

Ok, maybe that title is a little sensational, but there really is a ship adrift, full of cannibal rats heading towards the coast of Britain. Authorities don’t know where or when, but are warning the MV Lyubov Orlov could make landfall soon according to various media outlets. 


The 400ft vessel was abandoned by its owners in 2010 when they encountered a debt scandal and failed to pay the crew. The local authorities attempted to have it towed to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped in 2012. However before it reached its destination the tow line snapped in heavy seas and the vessel has been floating with the currents ever since. Despite multiple search operations, the location of the ship remains undetermined. Experts say it is still out there because its life-raft transmitters have not been activated.


To make matters worse, salvage hunter Pim de Rhoodes, says the ship will be full of packs of disease ridden rats that have taken to cannibalising each other due to a lack of food.

If it does break up somewhere on the coast and the rats come ashore, the locals may benefit from these words of wisdom.

“All right, everybody tuck your pants into your socks.”

More details here: Daily Record, The Independent, National Post 

Update: No, an Abandoned Ship Full of Diseased Rats Is Not Floating Towards Britain


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