Mar 26, 2014 I Lee Arnold

Scientists Turn Bigfoot Into Cyborg, Then Run For Their Lives in ‘Megafoot’

Squatchploitation, or Sasquatchploitation, depending on how many syllables you like in your portmanteau, is still in beast mode among the producers of low-budget, horror/Sci-Fi movies, and the latest project attempting to get off the ground, Megafoot, might be one of the most outlandish, yet tantalizing, of the bundh.

At the center of Megafoot is a cyborg-bigfoot killing machine who gets away from its creators and wreaks havoc in town while armed soldiers attempt to bring it down before everyone gets killed. Not only will the movie have the cyborg-bigfoot creature, it also has a run-of-the-mill sasquatch who goes head-to-head with it, much the way Godzilla battled MechaGodzilla.

Megafoot is a project by writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky, the man who has been keeping the Emmanuelle franchise alive over the past decade. The beautiful thing about Megafoot is Kanefsky’s determination to make it using practical effects, rather than the CGI effects that dominate filmmaking today.

From the IndieGoGo page:

We were actually approached by two major companies who wanted to turn MEGAFOOT into a CGI-based scheme.  Money was offered.  Temptations loomed.  But the thought of a computer-generated Megafoot kept us all awake at night.  We couldn't do it.  A CGI Megafoot?  Admittedly, it's the easier option - but we're not here to sell-out.  We're here to make a movie about a cyborg Bigfoot on a blood-soaked rampage.  We're here to splatter the screen with guts and gore and to shake the very foundations of the earth with more hairy fury than you could wave a kidney at.  We owed it to ourselves, and most importantly to our fans, to do this right.

Find out more details about Megafoot on the Megafoot’s IndieGoGo page, where there are storyboards, photos, and better descriptions about the overall project. The IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to complete the project, comes to an end April 6.


There have been at least 30 bigfoot movies made since 2000. The real number could be much greater, but of the Top 51 Bigfoot Movies by Bigfoot Lunch Club, there were 30 post-2000 titles listed. Bigfoot has a another pop culture life in the print world too, where fiction writers have taken a liking to the character as well.

A search for “Bigfoot” in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre on Amazon returns 166 titles, including quite a few Bigfoot erotica titles like Our Fun with Bigfoot (Taboo Monster Erotica) or Bigfoot and the BBW.

While I’ve never read bigfoot erotica, I did read a bigfoot book a few months ago called Bigfoot Crank Stomp by Erik Williams. In Williams’s book, bigfoot is captured by methamphetamines makers who test their new products on the giant beast. The result is a meth-crazed bigfoot who escapes and goes on the hunt for drugs to satisfy his jones. He smashes cops, crashes a porn set, and terrorizes anyone who goes near the woods, especially if he smells meth on them.


How long with the bigfoot boom last?

It’s hard to tell. When I look into the future, all the images just appear to be blurry.

Hopefully, it lasts long enough to make Megafoot a success, because I’m already seeing sequels in the future:

Megafoot 2: Finding Megafoot

Megafoot 3: Borg Again

Megafoot 4: Cryptids and Punishment

Or something like that.

We gotta get the first one made before anything else.

Find more about Megafoot:

Megafoot Facebook

Megafoot Indiegogo

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