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Demons, Djinn and UFOs

In a new article here at Mysterious Universe - titled Did the CIA Possess Djinn Infested Jewelry? - Jesse Woldman notes: "One site I came across advertised a second-hand ring, for around $500. What I found particularly interesting was its description. It was claimed that the ring had been worn by 'a very successful CIA Agent' who had used the Djinn contained inside to be promoted quickly within her department and enjoy many positive experiences in both her personal and professional life."

For those who are not familiar with the Djinn, they are ancient, supernatural creatures who, according to the Qur’an, are made of “smokeless fire,” and are typically hostile, manipulative, and even deadly.

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"The Djinn" by Kredepops on DeviantArt.

Woldman also notes of this CIA/second-hand ring story: "...this wacky item reminded me of rumors I’d heard previously about how the US Government did indeed have a relationship with Djinn and other entities, in an effort to try to harness these little-understood powers for Military gain."

This is intriguing, since it dovetails very closely with my own research into how such potentially highly dangerous entities have been the subject of official, top secret interest.

Back in 2009, I met with a certain, elderly Dr. Mandor, who had invited me to his rundown home. Infinitely paranoid and deeply disturbing, Mandor had apparently been at the forefront of a quasi-official project tasked, in the early 1980s, with determining the truth behind the "alien abduction" phenomenon. To say that Mandor was obsessed with the world and lore of the Djinn is not an understatement.

Mandor, who believed the so-called "Greys" of UFO lore were literal Djinn, was also obsessed with trying to call forth and command Djinn - surely a goal of definitively crackpot proportions. I told the story of the creepy doctor in my 2010 book, Final Events. But Mandor was apparently not the only member of this project that had a pressing desire to summon up supernatural entities hell-bent on tormenting the Human Race.


The project was run by a group nicknamed the Collins Elite (its real title still eludes me). I was introduced to its uncanny and dark world by an Anglican priest (who is also a former state-director for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network), named Ray Boeche.

Back in January 2007, I interviewed Boeche on this very issue of elements of officialdom trying to summon up, and even attempting to control, dangerous and malevolent entities for military benefit. As Ray revealed to me, in late 1991 he met with two members of the group - both physicists with the U.S. Department of Defense - who told him a fascinating yet dangerous tale.

In Ray's own words...

“I found it interesting because they had contacted me at work; and I have no idea how they tracked me down there. But, they wanted to know if we could get together and have lunch to discuss something important. I met them for a brief period of time on that first meeting, and then they said: ‘We’d like to get together and have a longer conversation.’ I arranged a time and it was quite a lengthy discussion, probably three and a half hours. And that’s how it all came about.

“After both meetings, when I was able to verify that the men held the degrees they claimed to hold, and were apparently who they claimed to be, I was intrigued and excited at the possibility of having stumbled on a more or less untouched area which could be researched. But I was also cautious in terms of ‘why me?’”

And thus it was that Boeche was plunged headlong into a strange and surreal world of classified Department of Defense projects, secret meetings and follow-up dialogues with Deep Throat-style sources, and stories of very disturbing encounters with what were described to him as NHEs, or Non-Human Entities, which many within the UFO research community believe are aliens, but that certain elements of the DoD believe are nothing less than the deceptive minions of Satan: demons.


"I had no way of knowing before our face-to-face meeting if there was any legitimacy to this at all," Ray explained to me. "I wasn’t given any information at all before our meeting; just the indication that they were involved in areas of research I would find interesting, and that they had some concerns they wished to discuss with me."

And that's where everything turned decidedly dark and sinister, as Ray told me...

“They came to believe that the NHEs were not extraterrestrial at all; they believed they were some sort of demonic entities. And that regardless of how benevolent or beneficial any of the contact they had with these entities seemed to be, it always ended up being tainted, for lack of a better term, with something that ultimately turned out to be bad. There was ultimately nothing positive from the interaction with the NHE entities."

Ray continued: "They felt it really fell more under the category of some vast spiritual deception instead of UFOs and aliens. In the course of the whole discussion, it was clear that they really viewed this as having a demonic origin that was there to simply try and confuse the issue in terms of who they were, what they wanted, and what the source of the ultimate truth is."

As Ray also noted: "If you extrapolate from their take that these are demons in the biblical sense of the word, then what they would be doing here is trying to create a spiritual deception to fool as many people as possible."

And as to how elements of the DoD were engaging the NHEs in some form of contact, Boeche was given a truly strange and alarming story:

“From what they told me, it seemed like someone had invoked something and it opened a doorway to let these things in. That’s certainly the impression they gave me. I was never able to get an exact point of origin of these sorts of experiments, or of their involvement, and when they got started. But I did get the impression that because of what they knew and the information that they presented, they had been involved for at least several years, even if the project had gone on for much longer."

Ray also told me that those involved in the project sensed a dark cloud looming overhead. They were not wrong: there were deaths associated with the program, the NHEs proved to be highly deceptive and manipulative, and nothing good came from such dicey dabbling.

And very much can be said about the Djinn: opening a doorway and allowing such a creature into one's life is pretty much akin to outright begging for trouble.

Jesse Woldman's account of the CIA/second-hand ring story, the Dr. Mandor saga, and the incredible account of Ray Boeche - concerning the Pentagon and Non-Human Entities known as NHEs - collectively suggest one thing: that officialdom has indeed secretly done its absolute utmost to engage, in near Faustian fashion, creatures from some poorly-discernible ream (or realms) of existence.

Some may call them demons; others may refer to them as Djinn. But, regardless of the name, they seem eerily similar, if not almost identical. That such entities clearly have an overwhelming hatred of us, however, suggests any kind of "us and them" interaction should be avoided at all costs.

Let's hope - for all our sakes - officialdom has learned its lesson. But, somehow, I doubt it.

As Djinn authority Rosemary Ellen Guiley notes: "If you fear one thing in your life, fear the Djinn."

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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