Apr 26, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Is This Pennsylvania Woman the Virgin Mary’s Cousin?

She lives in Murrysville, not Nazareth, Pennsylvania, but Mary Beth Webb believes she has other proof that she’s related to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Specifically, she believes she’s Mary’s cousin 65 times removed.

Mary Beth says the discovery of her biblical family tree began in 1999 when her brother was diagnosed with cancer and informed he had six months to live. After his death, she and a cousin, a medium, began communicating with him and with her deceased parents. Although the medium was a close relative, Webb claims the communications included details only her parents and brother could have known.

In 2010, Webb decided to find out more about her family from a source other than the other side, so she entered her information on ancestry.com. It was there that she traced her lineage back to Joseph Ben Matthat Arimathaea, also know to many as St. Joseph of Arimathaea. He’s mentioned in the Bible as the person who provided the burial tomb for the body of Jesus and as the paternal uncle of the Virgin Mary. According to ancestry.com, Webb is the 64th great-granddaughter of Joseph of Arimathaea, making her Mary’s first cousin 65 times removed.

If you’re looking for further proof, Webb doesn’t have it. A spokesperson at ancestry.com told her she probably made a mistake somewhere along the way. Webb documented her conversations with her relatives on the other side in a book called "Tomorrow's Promise" that she self-published before finding out about her family tree connection and hasn’t said if she’s asked them about it.

She should at least check The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail for any info about some of her other cousins and that Holy Grail.

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Joseph of Arimathaea and the Grail?

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