Apr 24, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Are Welcome in Estonia

Aliens looking for a place to land on Earth where they’ll be greeted with open arms at least half the time should aim for Estonia, the Baltic state where nearly half of the residents believe in UFOs.

A recent poll of 1,100 Estonians taken by the University of Tartu found that 43 percent believed in the existence of extraterrestrials and that the ETs have definitely visited us at some point. In fact, 22 percent responded that they believed humans were brought to Earth by aliens. Estonia has a sizable conspiracy-minded population segment because 16 percent said they thought governments, their own and others, are in contact with aliens, possibly working with them and hiding this information from the general public.

UFO 570x427
Possible UFO sighting in Estonia in 2008

The survey, conducted by Lea Altnurme and reported in the online magazine The Baltic Course, also polled Estonians on their religious beliefs, the results of which may explain their acceptance of extraterrestrials. Seventy percent believe in meditation and similar mental practices and 61 percent believe that Estonian neopaganism or the “natural religion is the true religion of the Estonian people.” Based on that, it’s no surprise that only 20 percent professed to be Christians while 58 percent said “they have their own religion, which is independent of different churches and religions.”

Past surveys have found that Estonians are one of the least religious cultures in the world. In this one, 10 percent said they were atheists and 35 percent felt that “church is meant to manipulate masses of people and keep them under control.” This abundance of Estonians who are atheists, agnostics or suspicious of religion probably explains their openness to the idea of extraterrestrials, a connection reflected in the results of this poll.


Whatever the reason, Estonians put out both a Welcome mat and a landing pad.

Paul Seaburn
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