Jun 26, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Possessed by a Demonic Ouija Board or Just Bored?

Ouija board fans and enemies were buzzing about a recent story of a possible Ouija-induced demonic possession. Three American friends in Mexico were taken to a hospital when they gave the appearance of demonic possession after playing with a Ouija board. A video of one went viral and piqued interest worldwide in Ouija boards, demonic possession and great new ways to become famous without using kittens. What are the details?

Alexandra Huerta, 22, her brother Sergio, 23, and cousin Fernando Cuevas, 18, were allegedly using a Quija board in San Juan Tlacotenco, Mexico, when Alexandra reportedly began growling and thrashing in what her relatives described as a “trancelike state.” Then Sergio and Fernando claimed they were both going blind and deaf and having muscle spasm and hallucinations.

Naturally, Alexandra's parents first instinct was to call paramedics the local priest, who reportedly refused to perform any exorcisms because they don’t go to church very often. Is that stipulation in the Bible somewhere? They then called the paramedics who took the three to a hospital and most likely took the video showing Alexandra restrained and growling.


Treatment was said to have included painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops, which reportedly worked.

So what really happened? Using so-called automatic writing boards to communicate with spirits dates back to 1100 AD in China. Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard got a U.S. patent on theirs in 1890 and sold it as a novelty. An employee gave it the name Ouija which he claimed was an ancient Egyptian word for “good luck.” Religious groups condemn them as a “tool of Satan” for communicating with evil spirits and mediums warn that they should only be used by professionals … like mediums.

using ouija board 570x305
Kids, don't try this at home.

Was it demonic possession? Without any professional investigation and no other information except the tabloid reports and the ambulance video, probably not. Sounds more like bored American kids having fun.

However, if demons really can be controlled or exorcised by eye drops, I’m carrying a bottle of Visine wherever I go.

Paul Seaburn

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