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Exorcists Try To Remove Demon Blocking Tax Collectors

This is the kind of story that sounds like it should be on the business pages instead of here. A woman in Liverpool claims a demon is occupying a bedroom in her apartment. If that’s not scary enough, tax collectors are also haunting her to collect overdue under-occupancy penalties because the room is occupied by a demon, not a tax-paying relative or renter. What’s the solution? Call an exorcist!

Lorna McDonald says her 22-year-old daughter moved out of the room nine months ago after seeing a demonic image in a photograph.

It all started with noises. We had a mirror on the wall and I thought my daughter had dropped something on the wooden floor, but the mirror had started shaking. My mum won’t come here any more. Neighbors walk past and make the sign of the cross. I asked a man if he’d come and decorate and he asked if there’d be a priest there because he was too scared to come in the house.

mcdonaldjpg 570x929
Lorna McDonald and her tools for fighting demons and tax collectors.

The Liverpool Catholic Archdiocese confirms it has sent a priest to the house on several occasions to perform exorcisms and ceremonies have been carried out at Mrs. McDonald’s church, but to no avail. Meanwhile, McDonald says the demon has assaulted her and left bruises.

So why doesn’t she just move out? That’s where the equally demonic taxman comes in. The Liverpool Housing Trust says Mrs. McDonald owes a Bedroom tax which is an under-occupancy penalty assessed to housing benefit recipients who have more room than they need. She can’t move out until she pays up and she can’t stay because of the demon.

The Liverpool Housing Trust says it’s working with Mrs. McDonald to resolve the economic issues. The Catholic Archdiocese says it will continue to offer support to resolve the demonic occupancy.

Which devil would YOU choose to fight with? And who should pay for the exorcist?

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