Aug 14, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Is That a New Hangar in Area 51?

There’s always something going on in Area 51, the US government’s secretive air base in Nevada. This time it’s not accidental tourists but what appears to be the construction of new hangar at the end of a runway.

This is not the first unusual hangar built recently in Area 51. In 2007, satellite images showed a new large hangar that analysts believed was built for testing a new super bomber to replace the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

b3 stealth bomber 570x427
An artist's depiction of the B-3 stealth bomber.

New satellite images taken in 2014 show that a second massive hangar has been built, this time located at the end of a runway.

While that sounds like a logical place for a hangar, it’s not at Area 51. In fact, this 225-foot-wide building is a long way from the main facility and hidden from the view of most workers inside Area 51. What could be inside to warrant this extra layer of secrecy?

Some Area 51 watchers speculate it will house an ultra-rapid response combat or spy aircraft that can be on the runway and in the air in minutes. The aircraft is rumored to be the replacement for the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird which uses a hypersonic propulsion system that is highly volatile, thus the need to keep it off in the far reaches of Area 51.

SR 72 570x351
The SR-72 propulsion system.

Another possibility is that the hangar will house a new stealth transport aircraft to deliver and pick up special forces units as well as weapons and supplies. The remote location of the aircraft in Area 51 would keep the missions secret from satellites.

stealth cargo 570x427
Stealth cargo planes from Lockheed and Northrup.

Of course, we obviously already have satellite images of the hangar, courtesy of the aviation website Foxtrot Alpha, which spotted the new hangar and provides much of the speculation.

Whatever the hangar is for, its existence means there’s plenty of secret new activity happening in Area 51. Watch for UFO sightings to pick up soon.

Paul Seaburn

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