Aug 29, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Police Verify UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania, Another Reported

A UFO that changed colors was spotted in Lower Paxton Township Pennsylvania on August 25 and three police officers called out by the woman who first spotted it could not identify it. What was it?

Police in Lower Paxton Township responded to a call by local resident Stephanie Wilkerson that she had been watching an apparent UFO for twenty minutes and wanted someone official to see it as well. An officer arrived a few minutes later and, after viewing the object with binoculars, admitted he could not identify it. He placed a call to the station as was soon joined by a sergeant and a corporal who saw the object and were equally baffled. They contacted Fort Indiantown Gap (a nearby National Guard Training Center) and Harrisburg International Airport and both reported no aircraft in the area.

To make it official, the officers recorded what they saw in an incident report which Lt. Gary Seefeldt of the department confirmed.

Our officers saw something that was out of the ordinary for the night sky.

Pennsylvania has been a hotbed of UFO activity recently - its 30 cases reported in July were the fifth highest in the U.S. August may catch up as a second UFO was spotted in the state on August 26. Ron Shawley saw a UFO over Vinco, Pennsylvania, and recorded it using a quadcopter.

Opinions on both UFOs vary. The lights on the Lower Paxton object suggest it could have been a drone or the ever-popular Chinese lantern, but both are questionable since so many people watched it with binoculars. Some suggest it could be a reflection from nearby thunderclouds. The object in the Vinco video, while in daylight,  is much smaller and more vague.

Drones? Lanterns? Weather? Or something else …

Paul Seaburn

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