Aug 16, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Over Houston or NASA Saucer from Johnson Space Center?

Residents of Houston, Texas, have found something to talk about besides football … UFOs. What’s being called a “mass sighting” of a flying object ringed with lights occurred on August 11 and still has not been explained to the satisfaction of many.

Houston musician Andrew Pena was driving on the Interstate 45 freeway south of Houston during a storm when he saw and recorded a circle of bright-colored lights moving around in the sky. After looking at the video at home that night, he posted still shots of the lights on Twitter. As usual, the photos were spotted by UFO watchers and the local media.

The location where Pena saw the lights is about 13 miles north of Johnson Space Center and Ellington Field where astronauts practice flying. Could JSC be testing NASA’s new flying saucer? No comments from NASA have been issued so far.

The “it’s a drone” crowd chimed it, but based on the apparent location of the object, the drone would have to be at least 50 feet in diameter – not the usual quadricopters available on the open market.

Fletcher Gray, volunteer chief investigator for the Texas chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) had a skeptical take on the photos.

It's no more than light trapped in the side window.

It's true that the street lights on the freeway in that location are circles of round lights and the image could be their reflection in the window made deceptively odd-looking by the reduced lighting from the storm, although that doesn’t necessarily explain its movements.

The photos caused headlines and posts around the world like “Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston.” Since Pena is the only person so far to come forward with video or photos, “mass” may be a bit of an overstatement.

Again, NASA and JSC have no comments and no one has positively explained the sighting. UFO? Reflection? NASA flying saucer? What do you think?

Houston UFO 2 570x321
Another view of the Houston UFO.

Paul Seaburn

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