Aug 20, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Was The Norwalk Cat An ABC Or Just A Big Canine?

As reported here and around the world, a homeowner in Norwalk, California, checked the video on his home surveillance camera the night of July 29 and saw what appeared to be a mountain lion or possibly an escaped African lion walking through his yard. Wildlife experts, police and anyone with an opinion could not come to any agreement on what the creature was, where it came from or where it went. Now some are claiming proof it’s just a big dog, but the evidence is still sketchy.

Neighborhood resident Brendon Mriz, who lives a few blocks away from where the video (above) was taken, told Norwalk officials she and her children thought the animal might be their dog, Buddy, a pit bull who happened to have gone missing that night. Buddy came back, so officials paid him a visit. While he’s definitely a big dog, they couldn’t say with certainty that he was their cat.

Two independent surveillance companies were then brought in. They borrowed Buddy and attempted to recreate the scenario seen on the video with the help of the owner. While the simulation was not made public, Matthew Adling with Hudson Investigations said the results were conclusive to him.

Buddy is the lion. Based on when I saw the dog size, chest, the head, it's the dog.

Another neighbor, Wendy Montoya, looked at Buddy and the original video and said this:

It was a cat and this is a dog. It's way different than the animal.

Norwalk city officials agreed with the surveillance companies and consider the case closed.

Is it? The footage has not been released to the public, not even still shots. Why not? Why did Buddy’s family wait almost a week to come forward? Only a few people who looked at the original video speculated it was a big dog. Most, including wildlife experts, felt it was a cougar or an escaped African lion or some other cat. The comparison photo above shows some clear differences, like the tail length.

Is Norwalk trying to prevent panic over an alien big cat?

Paul Seaburn

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