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Is Bigfoot Visiting a Playground in Mississippi?

An abandoned playground in Vicksburg, Mississippi, has swings, monkey bars and other equipment that’s a little dusty and rusty but still functional. While kids don’t play there anymore, its close proximity to some dense woods seems to have made it the preferred playground for Bigfoot … at least that’s what two men who claim to have seen evidence of the creature there recently.

In November, 2013, David Childers, an investigator for Delta Paranormal Project, was listening for evidence of ghost voices reported in the park when he instead heard something crashing through the woods.

I don't know what it was, about 6 feet tall. And it just bolted off through the woods. It was definitely a shaggy coat to it, like a grayish-brown color. When it made the noise that spooked me, I looked over, and it looked like it stood up and just bolted off.

On August 12, 2014, Peyton Lassiter was working near the same playground and found a nine-inch-long, six-inch-wide print which shows ridges similar to human prints. Lassiter took a cast of the print and also found strands of grey hair near the footprint. Of the ridges, he said this:

There are only two species that have that. Number one, humans and primates. Bears don't have fingerprint-like impressions on the skin of the foot, so that kind of changes the game a little bit. I have no knowledge of what made it, and I didn't see what made it, but it's very intriguing.

Childers and Lassiter have since met and compared notes on their experiences. Lassiter also did his homework on Bigfoot or “wood ape” sightings in the area. The earliest was reported in 1721 by a priest in nearby Natchez who claimed to see a huge human-like, ape-like creature. The Vicksburg Daily Herald reported a sighting in 1867 in Vicksburg by hunters who claimed a wood ape killed a dog before swimming across a river to Louisiana.

Hunting is not allowed in Vicksburg and the wooded area is large and thick. Lassiter and Childers say residents have thanked them for bringing their stories out into the open. Does this mean there have been more unreported sightings there?

And why would Bigfoot be visiting a playground?

Paul Seaburn
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