Sep 23, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

The Black Beast of Harborough May Be Back

Just when Brits thought it was safe to walk home at night from the butcher shop carrying a few pounds of steak, the Black Beast of Harborough returns.

According to the Harborough Mail, James Voyce reported seeing a large black animal run across a local road on two consecutive days recently. He was confident the creature was a panther.

It was definitely a panther as I recognised the tail, which was long and curled upwards at the end. It was much larger than your average tabby and was more the size of a medium dog.

Voyce has some experience to back up his claim since he also reported seeing the Black Beast on the same road ten years ago.

The Black Beast of Harborough has been seen periodically in the Haroborough area at least since the 1990s with sightings reported in Arthingworth, Maidwell, Kibworth, East Farndon and Harborough. It’s one of the Alien Big Cats (ABC) named and tracked by a number of big cat groups.

Photo of feces of possible Black Beast of Harborough seen in 2012.

A large panther-like creature was spotted twice in the same general area in 2012. A girl in nearby Foxton saw it from her bedroom and she managed to photograph tracks and droppings. She described it as the size of a jaguar or panther. Another sighting occurred near Arthingworth by a resident using a low-powered telescope. In 2010, a family saw a large black creature run in front of their car near the Harborough Golf Club.

Alien Big Cats in Britain, which refers to cats not native to the islands, have been reported for centuries but hard evidence is scarce. While escaped pets and zoo animals is the easy-to-accept cause, stories and legends also point to cryptid companions to legendary black dogs like Black Shuck.

Whatever the Black Beast of Harborough is, it wasn’t scary enough for Scotland to secede. Yet.

Paul Seaburn

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