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Was Fireball Over U.S. a Russian Satellite Downing a UFO?

The Russians are denying it, so that should immediately arouse suspicions. On September 2, 2014, at around 10:30 pm, over three dozen people from New Mexico to Montana reported seeing a fireball streaking across the sky, then break up into three pieces with orange and red streaks trailing them. The American Meteor Society investigated the reports and suggested the fireball was a Russian spy satellite crashing and burning in the atmosphere. On September 9th, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov issued this statement:

One can only guess about the condition representatives of the so-called American Meteor Society were in when they identified a luminescent phenomenon high up in the sky as a Russian military satellite.

Was that the pot calling the kettle drunk?

kosmos 2495 570x381
A Russian satellite of the same class as the Kosmos 2495.

What American Meteor Society's operations manager Mike Hankey actually said was that the objects were moving too slowly to be meteor fragments and that some were big enough to appear on weather radar in Wyoming. It was the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) which reported on September 3rd that the object was the Russian spy satellite Kosmos 2495 meeting its demise and being officially removed from the U.S. satellite catalog.

paths of the objects 570x385
Paths of the objects reported on September 2.

Charles Vick, an aerospace analyst with military information website, says the Kosmos 2495 was launched in May to shoot reconnaissance photos and send the film back to Earth in capsules. Film of what? Well, the satellite was spotted over New Mexico so it’s not hard to figure out, says John Pike, director of

Deployed hardware, airplanes, ships, tanks, factories, new intelligence facilities, all that stuff.

Or maybe some ‘other’ stuff? One of the stories floating around the Internet is that the Aerospace Defense Forces (ADF), the Russian group responsible for air and space defense, reports that Kosmos 2495 was over Colorado preparing to land in Orenburg Oblast when it detected a massive black triangular UFO with Nazi-like “rune” markings which was destroyed by the Russian satellite’s “countermeasures.”

This report has not been confirmed and no statements have been issued by USSTRATCOM or ADF.

NOW who’s condition should we guess about?

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