Oct 17, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Donald Trump Fires Hotel’s Green Lady Ghost

Real estate developer, TV reality show host and comb-over aficionado Donald Trump has fired more living people during his career than a circus cannon operator (groan here). Now he can add a ghost to his list of unemployed employees. Staff at the Trump's five-star golf resort in Aberdeenshire say that the ghost of a Green Lady who once haunted the estate on the grounds has left the building.

While parts of the building date back to the 1700s, the mansion, originally called Menie House, was built for Sir George Turner in 1835 on the site of a former castle. There’s not much information on who the Green Lady ghost was or when she moved in. All that’s known is that her presence in the cellar of the Menie House was reported for decades, up until Trump bought the estate and 800 acres in 2006.

Green Ladies are common ghosts in Scotland. They’re usually described as young and thin with long blonde hair and wearing a wispy floor-length green gown. They’re said to appear at the door soaked to the bone and seeking a warm place to dry off. If welcomed in, they stay and protect the home, making them a benevolent and welcomed spirit.

Young, thin, blonde, good-looking, nice personality – sounds like the perfect woman or ghost for The Donald to keep around. Why did he fire his Green Lady?

It could have been to get a five-star rating, which the former mansion, now completely renovated into a hotel, received last week. The staff claims they’ve never seen the Green Lady and believe she left with a previous owner. That’s probably a big relief to golfers playing on the property’s championship 18-hole course and not wanting any distractions while putting.

house 570x379
The Green Lady's former residence.

The Donald shouldn’t get too complacent. Nick Kyle, the President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, says the renovation could cause the Green Lady to return.

I would be surprised if, having done the place up, any previous spirit communicator simply went away because it was nicer. I think what they'd want to do is register their presence and then decide whether they want to go or stay.

It would be worth it just to see the famous Trump comb-over stand straight up.

trump 570x441
Did you see that green chick? I thought I fired her!

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