Oct 09, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Martians May Be Armed and Dangerous

The next rover sent to Mars may need to be equipped with some weapons or possibly a peace treaty if what appears to be in some new images is real. A photo sent back by the Curiosity rover shows what looks like a cannon, fortunately pointed away from the rover.

Amateur astronomer and space video journalist Joe White spotted the unusual figure while analyzing images released by NASA that were taken by Curiosity at the base of Mount Sharp. It looks something like a cannon found on 18th century warships. That could connect it to another Mars photo of what looks like a cannonball. Are these signs that Mars was presciently named after the Roman god of war?

cannonball 570x498
Is this a cannonball on the Martian surface?

Probably not, says NASA. Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory say the ball is only 1cm in diameter, too small for a cannon. Well, at least for an Earth cannon. While NASA has no comment so far on the Martian cannon, Joe White admits that it may not be too big either.

I think it looks like a gun - as in an artillery piece - but it's way too small for that really.

If it’s not a full-sized cannon, could it have been placed there like a small statue as a warning to visitors not to mess with Martians? Also found in that same location is a stack of rocks that looks very similar to a traffic light on Earth. Perhaps it’s a three-light sign symbolizing, in a way Earthlings can understand, the message, “Stop – this is a warning – go home!”

NASA says no. Of course that’s what it would say. What do you think?


marvin 570x668
Didn't you see my warnings?


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