Oct 18, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Medium Claims First Photo of Cannock Chase Black Eyed Child

It was taken in woods of Cannock Chase where sightings have been reported recently. It was taken by a medium who claims to have made contact with other spirits. So, is this the first ever photograph of a Black Eyed Child in Cannock Chase?

The medium is Christine Hamlett, a self-described “rescue clairvoyant” who says her expertise is in dealing with the spirits of persons who have died in childhood from illness or worse. That’s what she claims the Black Eyed Child is, at least the one in Cannock Chase.

The photograph was taken on October 10th near the Birches Valley visitors center and appears to show a Black Eyed Child kneeling as if in prayer. The shot was actually taken by Hamlett's husband David while watching the woods. Hamlett takes her own photos by pointing the camera at a pan of water showing a reflection, a technique which she credits for her success in capturing other ghost images. That may be how she took this photograph of another Black Eyed Child in the Hanley Town Hall in Stoke earlier this year.

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Photo taken by Christine Hamlett of a Black Eyed Child in Hanley Town Hall

While most people believe the Cannock Chase Black Eyed Child is the spirit of one of a group of girls murdered in the 1960s, Hamlett says she felt the presence of more that may be the ghosts of children who died in an epidemic and may be buried there in unmarked graves. She feels they’re asking for help.

I try to reassure them there are people in the light who will help them. I can’t make them go, but I try to get them into a frame of mind where they are ready to move on.

Whatever the case, Hamlett claims her photos are real.

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