Oct 13, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Metal Object Falls From Sky in New Jersey

Get all of your New Jersey jokes out of the way now. Finished? This one is no joke. Workers at a New Jersey waste water treatment plant (OK, you can do one more joke on that being redundant) report a square piece of metal fell from space and no one, official or unofficial, seems to know where it came from.

Steve Bronowich, operations foreman at Secaucus Treatment Works, reported finding the 5-by-5 inch unidentified falling object on October 8. It fell from the sky without warning and hit two pieces of machinery. Plant worker Vic Suppa says he heard a “pretty loud bang” and saw the object “flipping through the air.” The square appears to be made of ceramic, metal and rubberlike layers. After finding it, Bronowich did what anyone who finds a strange object falling from the sky would do – he looked it up on the Internet.

What they show online for a space shuttle tile, it’s a little thicker than what we actually have here, but it certainly looks like it. I don’t know if it’s actually a tile, but I know it did come out of the sky.

Here’s what a NASA spokesperson had to say about this:

We have not flown the space shuttle since 2011, we had a highly accurate accounting of the tiles, and this does not appear to be a tile.

side view 570x321
A side view of the unidentified falling object.

The Secaucus Police Department and the Federal Aviation Administration both say they have received reports of anything out of the ordinary falling from the sky over New Jersey. Hudson Regional Health Commissioner Carlos Rodriguez also analyzed it.

“It has no radioactive readings coming off it.”

So what is it? We know a lot of people don’t like New Jersey, but aliens too?

Paul Seaburn

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