Oct 21, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Turns Brazilian Night Into Multi-Colored Day

A spectacular multi-colored UFO light show illuminated the skies over parts of Brazil last week, turning night into day for five seconds at about 10:20 pm. Besides being seen by scores of eyewitnesses, the UFO and its subsequent aerial flash was captured on numerous traffic cameras. It was the best light show since Carnaval do Brasil. Was there anything else besides the flash? One witness saw this:

A flaming ball broke apart as it fell towards the ground.

The UFO was spotted on October 15 over Recife, Brazil’s fifth-largest city. It’s a major port on the Atlantic coast of northeastern Brazil and its name may be familiar to World Cup fans as it was one of the host cities. Local media reported that the flash was also seen in Pernambuco, Paraiba, Alagoas and Rio Grande do Norte.


The videos from Recife clearly show the brightness and duration of the lights and the still shots show the various colors. Some witnesses were horrified, thinking it was the start of a nasty thunderstorm or something unimaginably worse. Others simply enjoyed the galactic show.

The flash lasted about five seconds with intense light coming from the object. It was beautiful!

So, what was it? The colors reminded some of an electrical transformer explosion but it was too large to be that and there were no reports of any noise. The Astronomical Society of Recife (SAR) says the height and high brightness of the flash indicates a meteor or bolide.


A meteor is certainly plausible, although variety of colors is out of the ordinary when compared to the singular white, green or orange colors most often reported in these types of sightings. No other explanations have been offered so far from official sources.

Unofficially, this Brazilian UFO is still up in the air.

Paul Seaburn

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