Nov 18, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

BBC Video Shows UFO as Sightings Increase Over UK

What is drawing UFOs to the United Kingdom? Over the past month there have been some credible sightings, complete with photographs and videos, of UFOs in various shapes and sizes. Is Stonehenge sending signals? Is London hosting a real Miss Universe pageant? Let’s take a look and see if we can determine the cause.

On October 8, two fast-moving UFOs were spotted behind a reporter during a BBC news report from Walton-on-the-Naze. The crafts made some nice air show maneuvers before flying off in the same direction. For some strange reason this video didn’t appear on the Internet until recently. Enlarged photos discount speculation they may be birds or drones. No comments have been made by the BBC or any authorities in the area.

Giedre Misiunaite spotted a color-changing circular UFO the night of November 14 over Liverpool. She says it changed colors from bright blue to red to amber while making some unusual flight patterns.

It was bright blue and then it was staying still – like it was floating – and then it went really, really fast backwards and forwards. And then it went amber and then red. Then it just stood still and then disappeared but it came back about 10 minutes later. I'm sure it wasn't a plane, it was 100 miles too fast for a plane.

Geidre believes others must have seen it but no other reports have surfaced nor have any comments from authorities.

Moving to Middleton, Manchester, John Hindley says he felt a “pulling sensation” on the morning of November 7 that dragged him to a third-floor window where he saw a saucer-shaped UFO over the Pennines mountains about two miles away. Hindley took a picture with his cell phone and says the oval-shaped object with outboard lights remained motionless for a half hour before disappearing. With the lights appearing so close together, this one doesn’t look like a drone or Chinese lantern. Again, no official reports from authorities on this sighting.

Ufo Spotted In Manchester 570x338
Magnified view of UFO taken in Manchester.

Three very different recent UFO sightings over the UK, one that may have used some  sort of mind control to pull a man to come and see it. Are aliens congratulating us for landing on a comet? Or sending a warning? Any ideas?

Paul Seaburn

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