Nov 11, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

New Photos and Video Surface of Loch Ness Monster Surfacing

The most talked-about announcement at the first Scottish Paranormal Festival should come as no surprise since it was held in Scotland. A photographer going through his thousands of prints to pick some for the convention found a picture taken three years ago that appears to show the head of the Loch Ness Monster.

Based in Greece, Jonathan Bright is better known as a paranormal investigator but you can’t be an anomaly advocate in Scotland without spending some time looking for Nessie. He claims to have only recently finished analyzing the photos and found what looks like a head emerging from the water just in time for the Scottish festival. The enhanced photo looks more credible when placed next to a drawing of what he hopes you’ll see. After giving his presentation at the festival in Stirling, Bright went back to Loch Ness to look some more.

drawing 570x386
Imagination-enhanced view of Bright's photo.

Skeptical? Perhaps you'd prefer video proof. On November 6, Richard Collis was driving on the west shore of Loch Ness when he saw something in the water. Quick-thinking Collis pulled over, pulled out his phone and proceeded to photograph and video what he saw. Here’s where he saw it:

It was about roughly 150-200 meters out in the water on a stretch about a mile from Fort Augustus heading towards Invermoriston. It's quite difficult to know how long it lasted but it felt like a couple of minutes.

Collis’ video and photos show the more traditional and pleasiosaur-like long neck and small head associated with Nessie. The water is choppy which makes it difficult to determine if it’s moving. To lend some credibility to the video, Collis’ wife of 37 years had this to say about her husband:

I couldn’t believe it and laughed when he showed me because I knew he could never set that up. He’s not very technical or not very computer wise either.

Whatever you think, add two more photographs and a video to the collection of Loch Ness Monster spottings.

Paul Seaburn

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