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The World’s Best Paranormal Job Title

One of the reportedly most haunted railroad stations in the world has filled what has to be the best-named paranormal job in the world. The management at Leamington Spa station in the town of Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, England, has hired Nick Rees to be its “supernatural liaison officer.”

Why does Leamington Spa station need a supernatural liaison officer? According to employees of Chiltern Railways, owner of the station, because both workers and passengers are being bothered by paranormal events. The station was opened in 1852 by the Great Western Railway (GWR) on its new line from Birmingham to Oxford. One station employee says the top floors are the most haunted and reports often having paperwork thrown about, finding drawers left open and hearing footsteps.

station 570x898
Leamington Spa station doesn't look too scary in the daytime.

OK, that could just be the actions of a nervous worker who doesn’t want management catching him watching porn on the job. A night security officer disagrees.

I often see and hear ghosts on both platforms but from what I have seen they are nice ghosts and have good energy.

New supernatural liaison officer Nick Rees did his homework on the place and justifies his hiring.

One of the haunted areas is a disused basement on platform three which has a partially blocked off staircase that seemingly leads to nowhere. The other area is the upstairs office building where staff regularly see and hear things including doors slamming and electrical equipment turning on and off.

A busy train station with crowded platforms is not a place where you want people getting spooked by ghosts or supernatural entities so, if Leamington Spa station is indeed haunted, Rees is providing more of a service than just acting as a friendly tourist attraction.

Either way, “supernatural liaison officer” will definitely look good on his resume.

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