Nov 15, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Two Dogman Reports in 30 Days

In less than a month, there have been two reports of Dogman sightings, one in its traditional Michigan stomping grounds and one in East Texas. Is Dogman becoming more active? Is it moving to a warmer climate? Does it have a new publicist? Who or what exactly is Dogman?

The Dogman is usually described as a bipedal humanoid creature with the head of a dog or wolf and the body of a man or hairy man-like beast. Stories of werewolves and doglike cryptids in Michigan date back to the late 1700s, according to Linda S. Godfrey, a Dogman researcher. She refers to it as an “upright canine” that’s a Dogman fulltime, not a shape-shifter.

It's fully canine, walks on its hind legs, uses its forelimbs to carry chunks of ... roadkill or deer carcasess. They have pointed ears on top of their heads. They have big fangs. They have bushy tails. They walk -- most tellingly -- digitgrade, or on their toe pads, as all canines do, and that's something that a human in a fur suit really can't duplicate.

Dogman sightings in Michigan and nearby states include an 1887 report by lumberjacks, a 1938 incident around the Muskegon River where a man was attacked by a dog walking on two legs and three sightings in 1993 and 1994 by a teenage boy in Grand Haven.

There are two famous hoaxes associated with the Dogman. A disc jockey in Traverse City recorded a song about a Dogman as an April Fool prank and got dozens of reports of sightings. In 2007, an 8mm film appeared of what appeared to be a Dogman taken in the 1970s. Called “The Gable Film,” it was proven to be a hoax.

On to the recent sightings. Christine Dela Parker, author of 100 Bigfoot Nights, released this video late last month of what she claims to be a Dogman and not a Bigfoot taken in 2013.

This week, an unnamed man sent this picture to musician Dale Boswell taken in the woods of eastern Texas showing what he said is either a Bigfoot or a Dogman kneeling by a tree with a dead animal, possibly a small deer or a wild boar, over its shoulder.

dogman 570x703
Texas Dogman?

Dogman? Bigfoot? Chupacabra? Werewolf? Hoax? Whatever it is, it's not legitimate until there's a reality show based on finding it.

Paul Seaburn

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