Dec 09, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Big Cats Spotted in LA, East Texas and Eudlo

Big cats have been spotted in the past few weeks in places where they shouldn’t be, or at least where they haven’t been seen in many years.

While the mountains east of Los Angeles are known to be home to at least nine mountain lions, Mullholland Drive and the wealthy gated community of Beverly Park are not. But that’s where musician Chris Stills, son of Crosby, Stills and Nash rocker Stephen Stills, found a security camera photo (above) of a blurry but still recognizable mountain lion running down a street near Mullholland at about 4:30 am. If it came from the Santa Monica Mountains, it would have crossed both the very busy 405 Freeway and the Hollywood Freeway to get there. No other sightings have been reported.

Big cats are common in Far West Texas but not on the other side of the state. Don’t tell that to Reagan Pope who, with other drivers, saw a cougar he estimated to be three feet tall and 8-9 feet long nose to tail walking along the FM 2138 road heading toward Maydelle. Billy Higginbotham, Texas A&M’s wildlife specialist for that area, says there’s only been a handful of sightings in the 35 years he’s worked in East Texas.

COUGAR 570x427
A mountain lion or cougar

There’s no black panthers native to Queensland, so farmer John Rourke wants to know what he’s seen twice on his property in Eudlo that looks an awful lot like a big black cat. The first was 15 months ago and the second a few weeks ago. Rourke thought at first it was a black Labrador but the 3-foot tail convinced him otherwise. Speaking of tales, local folklorists tell one about a circus convoy that crashed in 1959 and lost its black panthers, but that was 300 km away and no sightings have ever been confirmed. However, wildlife expert Gary Opit says he’s heard of sightings of giant gorillas, ape men, yowies, Tasmanian tigers and big cats in the parks and forests of the Sunshine Coast.

Are these big cats real or rumors? Most people living in LA, East Texas and Eudlo would like to know.


black panther 570x356
Definitely a black panther

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