Dec 05, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Photographed and Recorded in Britain

Adam Bird, the co-founder of the British Bigfoot Research organization, followed a hot tip that a small wooded area in the Lincolnshire town of Friskney might have some cryptids living in it and sure enough, he came back with photographs and a video of what may be the British Bigfoot.

The event occurred in June 2014 after Bird and his team of investigators entered the woods.

We stayed there for a few hours that day and felt watched and followed the whole time.

Bird did not actually see the Bigfoot but noticed it in the trees in one of his photographs from the trip. He did find a footprint which he photographed next to a human foot.

footprint 570x379
Bigfoot footprint and foot

Bird knew something was in the woods because he heard it roaring or groaning (depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist). The sounds were recorded on a video he took.

This is not Bird’s first Bigfoot sighting. While on a trip to Florida 16 years ago he says he spotted a large orangutan-like creature with reddish-brown hair hiding in some bushes. He has since become an investigator and believes Sasquatch creatures reside throughout his country.

My main reason for thinking there is something in the UK is the sheer number of sightings. People have been reporting hairy, upright figures since around the 1870s. One misconception is that the UK doesn't have sightings - but there are many. These creatures are seen all over the UK, and the phenomenon spreads from Scotland right down to southern England. These people are clearly seeing something and that something cannot be passed off as simply hoaxes or known animals.

He’s right about that. As Nick Redfern pointed out here recently, there are enough sightings that no one can decide on a proper name for the British Bigfoot. I kind of like Shug Monkey myself but Adam Bird said it was a Bigfoot so I’ll go with that for now.

Did Adam Bird see a Bigfoot or a Shug Monkey or Old Ned’s Devil? The investigation continues.

Paul Seaburn

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