Dec 06, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Castle With a Ghost For Sale in Scotland

Yes, I know, what castle in Scotland doesn’t have a ghost? This one might be worth the asking price since the specter has been residing there for nearly seven centuries.

The property with a phantom is Bedlay Castle, located eight miles northeast of Glasgow. The land it’s on was granted to the Bishops of Glasgow in the 1100s and most likely had a residence for the bishops built on it. The property was given by Bishop James Boyd to his relative, Robert Boyd, 4th Lord Boyd, in 1580. Robert Boyd built the original two room tower house shortly after that. In 1642 it was sold to James Robertson, who later became Lord Bedlay and gave it the name Bedlay Castle. The building has been expanded a number of times. It has been lived in continuously and now has six bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and other features. Like a ghost.

aerial 570x378
The Bedlay Castle grounds

The spirit-in-residence is believed to be Bishop Cameron. A large man, he was found face down and deceased in a nearby loch around the year 1350 AD. The bishop was believed to have been murdered and his ghost seems to have haunted the property ever since. Residents of Bedlay Castle have seen him pacing the halls and letting out a ghastly cry. An exorcism was performed in the late 1800s but the ghost was still being spotted in the 1970s. Ghosts were also seen around a mausoleum on the property before it was moved to a nearby cemetery. Adding to the mystery, there have also been sightings of a horse and carriage on a nearby street that was once an old carriage road. When it stops, a girl gets out and screams before the apparition disappears.

Still interested? Bedlay Castle can be yours for 500,000 pounds or 778,950 US dollars. Besides the ghost, the listing has some other things for potential buyers to consider.

The sale of Bedlay Castle makes owning a beautiful Scottish castle an affordable reality for many. However the scale of the restoration work required is fairly extensive but would be well worth the investment of time and finance.

Maybe the bishop just wants his own bathroom.

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