Dec 30, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

Haunted Ozzie and Harriet House Bought by Law and Order Star

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” was an American sitcom that started on radio, ran on television from 1952 to 1966 and is still shown in reruns today. The house used on the show was modeled after the family home of the real Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and people who lived in it after the couple passed away had adventures of a different kind – ghosts. The home was recently purchased by Christopher Meloni, the actor who played Detective Stabler on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Did he pay $5.25 million for a haunted house?

The so-called Ozzie and Harriet House is located on 1822 Camino Palmero Street in Hollywood Hills West and was built in 1916. Bandleader Ozzie Nelson, his singer wife Harriet and their sons, rocker Ricky Nelson and older brother David lived there while the show was on the air. Ozzie died in 1975 and Harriet lived there until 1981.

family 570x720
The Nelsons in front of the house. (clockwise: Ozzie, David, Harriet, Ricky)

According to Billy Rose of the Agency in Beverly Hills, who sold the home three times, subsequent owners of the Ozzie and Harriet House reported a number of paranormal events, starting with apparitions of Ozzie walking around the house. Lights and faucets would turn on and off, doors opened and closed. In 1994, a painter heard footsteps and saw a misty form floating next to him. Ozzie Nelson’s model train set which ran on a track near the ceiling in the so-called pub room would start running in the middle of the night.

train 570x427
The mysterious train in Ozzie Nelson's pub room

Perhaps the creepiest ghostly encounter in the house was reported by one woman who said a spirit pulled back the sheets while she was sleeping and she felt it kiss her neck and breasts.

Is Christopher Meloni worried about sharing his new home with the ghost of Ozzie Nelson? The agent who sold the house to him says the property has been extensively remodeled, the kitchen where Ozzie’s ghost was sometimes seen eating ice cream is gone and so is the pub room with the train set. He claims the house is no longer haunted.

For $5.25 million, I’d probably ask for a second opinion.

Paul Seaburn

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