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Recent Mystery Booms Reported as a Global Phenomenon

Recently here at Mysterious Universe, my fellow blogger Paul Seaburn and I have written about the ongoing reports of "mystery booms" stemming from different parts of the world, as discussed recently on last week's MU podcast. The phenomenon has been most widely reported in the vicinity of the United Kingdom, as well as the Northeastern United States.

Following my initial article on the subject (which actually focused solely on the American reports), I invited the readership to send along any similar reports they may have, to which there has been a healthy response. What follows are a number of the more detailed reports provided by our readers, which describe the strange noises in areas as varied as New Zealand, Canada, North America, and Europe.

The most recent report to come to us is from Britain, courtesy of Ross McAlpine, who shared the following in keeping with theories about a "secret aircraft" test, initially proposed by the Daily Mail:

"Where I live (Preston) is approximately 25 miles North of Manchester. British Aerospace, who I believe are the world's largest defence contractor, have a huge facility at Warton where they build their fighter jets (Euro Fighter).  I grew up a couple of miles from the works; my mum worked there and so do many friends.  There, they are building a new plane called Taranis, I used to see it being tested at night over where I lived, essentially a triangle with a light in each corner.  I'm pretty sure these noises are down to BAE and their new aircraft.  The noises sound much like what I used to hear when jet testing was occurring over the years."


The aircraft mentioned above, the BAE Systems Taranis, is described as a semi-autonomous UAV built to fly intercontinental missions and attack both aerial and ground targets. A video showing a test flight of the Taranis can be seen here. The name is derived from the ancient Celtic god of thunder, who was worshipped throughout parts of ancient Europe.

New reports also came from the Rhode Island area over the weekend, as indicated in the following report:

"Last night at 1130 pm reports of "an explosion" boom were reported in the southern part of the state of RI, [around] Kent County, and back in 2012 the same sound was reported in [that area].

For more, see this news report on the Rhode Island sounds. Elsewhere around the globe, the sources and descriptions of the sounds were wide and varied, along with interpretation of them. At The Gralien Report, I recently featured a comprehensive report on the phenomenon, which detailed a number of theories and analysis of the noises in different localities. Below is a listing of numerous different reports to have come in since the phenomenon began only weeks ago. At present, no definitive conclusion as to their source has been determined:

“I live in Miamisburg, OH and just heard the loud boom that sounded like a bomb went off. My house shook and the windows rattled.” –Kathy, Miamisburg OH.

“I came across your article whilst looking into unexplained loud explosions. I live in Manchester, United Kingdom and on the 24th November at 22:25 there was a loud single explosion sound. This was heard 20 miles away and windows rattled etc. There is no reason for this, no fires or signs of an explosion. There were no bright flashes.” –Scott, Manchester UK

“I live in Tenaha, Texas. We’ve had a few earthquakes the last couple of years. I’m pretty sure it’s from fraking. I only mention this because what I heard Monday evening (nov 24) was not coming from the earth. But it was… There was a constant hum and then a strange combination of a crack and a boom. The boom occurred every few minutes and it went on for almost an hour. My neighbors at two other houses were out listening too. I heard them talking and when the noise stopped they went back in. I’ve only lived here a few months so I don’t know anyone well enough to ask what they heard or think it was. We really love our privacy out here so I don’t want to get too many eyebrows raised but I thought I should share it nonetheless. I hear a hum most nights too, penetrating but I’m not real familiar where the highway is in relation to me or what industries are nearby. It felt unnatural.” James, Tenaha TX

“Hello, this may be of no use to you at all but sometime last year, a series of booms were reported in the Lauderdale/ Colbert county areas of North/West Alabama. I personally didn’t experience anything but it was reported on local news outlets throughout it’s duration (nearly a week). Ultimately, they decided it was the disposal of ammunition that had exceeded it’s shelf life but several people have noted that that doesn’t add up because people nearest the disposal site reported nothing. Anyway, may be a complete waste of your time but thought I’d make mention.” –Trent, Alabama

“Out here in the San Joaquin valley where I’m from! We get hail at certain times of the year and the stone fruits along with raisin vines have new developing growth…they have hail cannons that sound like, well, cannons of all things. These turn the hail into slush so no harm is done! The further away you are of course the booms aren’t as loud. Hope this give some insight!” –Schell, CA

“Lots of booms being reported between (At least), Everett and Mount Vernon, WA. Reports of strange lights in the sky have also been reported.” --Anonymous

“We had some in new Zealand  earlier this year that made the news. These shook windows over 100ks away. Originally everyone denied knowledge army didn’t do it,  airforce, navy nope then a couple of days later the army said oh wait that was us testing bombs in the range. So the media said do it again then and they set of a the biggest bomb they had. But no sonic booms. Guess it was a fluke. Look up New Zealand Herald, they covered it. Also the ‘Cambel Live’ TV show.” –Steven, New Zealand

“I was reading the article of “Mysterious booms are being reported across America again” and in my town of Richland Center Wisconsin around the end of August 2014, I heard what sounded like a sonic boom or an explosion and I felt what I call pressure move through my house and it seemed like a feeling you have when you are around something that exploded. My brother also heard the noise that lives near by and I have a friend who lives 20 miles from me who heard the exact same sound. We posted on Facebook to see if anyone knew of what the noise was. No one has ever found out what caused it to this day. Just wanted to share the information.” –Todd, Richland Center, Wisconsin

“I work out in Scottsboro, Alabama area and a couple days after those earthquakes that hit the Midwest we had something rattle the shop I work in 3 times. Our shop is like 100’x40′ big. It’s a steel building that’s built on a concrete slab. It didn’t necessarily shake the shop where we felt it. It just rattled things and got out attention bc it was like a boom that just really caught our attention. It’s just hard to explain. People who live 30-50 miles away from that area even talked about something rattling their house but nothing was ever on the news in our area. Let me know if you get any emails from anyone else in the North Alabama region.” –Chris, Scottsboro Alabama

“In regards to the sonic booms story, I was hearing something weird last night that may or may not be related. I’m living in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (about 45 minutes east of Toronto and right by Lake Ontario). There was a really loud, really high pitched sound that would last for about 4 or 5 seconds and repeat every couple of minutes. I noticed it at about 11:00pm and when I went to sleep at about 1:30 it was still going. It was driving me so crazy that I went around my whole place turning things off, listening, and then unplugging and listening. It was at a pitch that was just barely within my range of hearing (for someone who’s 3? old), so I don’t think it was any kind of alarm. It was the same from every room, which makes me think it wasn’t some kind of electronic buzzing. Plus, it was actually really hard to ignore it and get to sleep, even after I put on a podcast. …and I live by train tracks, I’m not that delicate with sound when it comes to going to sleep. Anyhow, just thought it was weird, and after I saw the article, I wonder if it’s something that might be related or being carried over the lake maybe (it’s about a 10 minute drive away)? –Maria, Oshawa, Ontario

As the reports of the mystery sounds continue, we invite you to send along your own reports via email of mystery noises heard near you.

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. In addition to writing, Micah hosts the Middle Theory and Gralien Report podcasts.

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