Dec 03, 2014 I Paul Seaburn

The Booms Over Britain are Baffling and Bizarre

As readers of Mysterious Universe are aware, booms are booming around the U.S., from Dayton, Ohio, to Kansas and New Jersey. Now it appears they’ve crossed the pond, as people across the UK reported window-rattling blasts for hours the evening of November 29th. Reasons for the pops are popping up as fast as the governments and military officials can deny them. What caused these explosions in the UK and were they linked to booms heard at the same time in Buffalo, New York?

Reports of the bangs over Britain began around 9.45pm GMT. Some reports compared the sounds to fireworks. However, the only known fireworks display at that time was in Croydon, south London, while the reports came in from areas up to 200 miles away and many witnesses said they were much louder than fireworks.

Many of the recent mysterious loud noises are being attributed to sonic booms from known or secret military jet. The Ministry of Defence reported no supersonic jets in the air at the time of the explosions. There have been recent rumors of tests of a hypersonic American aircraft, codenamed Aurora, that uses a “pulse detonation engine” that will propel it to at least five times the speed of sound. As expected, no American government officials would confirm this and, even at hypersonic speed, it could not cause a simultaneous sonic boom in New York. There were also no reports or sightings of foreign or enemy aircraft.

aurora 570x314
Artist's conception of Aurora hypersonic jet

Looking to the sky for an explanation, the booms could not attributed to meteors or space debris reentry since the sky was clear and there were no visual sightings or scheduled meteor showers. That clear sky means that extreme weather could be ruled out, which was confirmed by the Met Office.

On the ground, earthquakes – which can cause noises and light flashes – were ruled out by the US Geological Survey’s map of seismic activity that night in the UK and New York.

earthquake 570x280
US Geological survey shows no earthquake activity in the UK or New York

So there’s no explanation for a series of loud sounds occurring simultaneously on two continents and over large geographic areas. Not to mention all of the other loud booms being heard lately. That leaves UFOs, aliens or something else. The winter solstice is coming. Did anyone check Stonehenge? Any other ideas?

Paul Seaburn

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