Jan 29, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot in Brooklyn, Skunk Ape in Florida, Yeti in Boston

It looks like some people have finally figured out that, if you want your friends or the media to believe that you saw Bigfoot or another strange creature, you need to get a good video. Over the past few days, three videos have surfaced of cryptid creatures and they’re not even blurry! Let’s take a look at the recent sightings of a Bigfoot in Brooklyn, a Skunk Ape in Florida and a Yeti in Boston.

The big snowstorm didn’t live up to its warnings in the New York area, but Russell Stark was ready to record it on Monday with video cameras set up in a wooded area near the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn. When he checked the recording from 7 a.m. he saw what looks like a Bigfoot walking through the woods and digging in the snow (image above). Stark believed it’s a Sasquatch.

I think it’s his posture, and the way he doesn’t have on anything that looks like a mask or a jacket. He’s covered in hair and looks like he’s scavenging around. I don’t think it’s just some bum.


I believe the proper term is "employment-challenged person," Matt.

The next video is of what appears to be a Skunk Ape or Swamp Ape since it was taken in a Florida swamp and looks kind of ape-ish. A man named Matt says he saw the creature while canoeing in the swamps around Lettuce Lake Park outside of Tampa. He thought it might be a bear but a park ranger told him bears avoid the swamp. Whatever it was, it moved pretty quickly for walking in a deep swamp.


It would be remiss not to mention the Yeti sighting in Boston during this week’s snowstorm. It was spotted in the suburb of Somerville a number of times and whoever was taking the video and pictures did a great job of getting close and staying in focus. Yeti itself posted some of them on Twitter – undoubtedly a first for cryptids.


All joking aside, the videos from Brooklyn and Florida look like they deserve closer scrutiny, don't you think?  The one from Boston is just for fun.

yeti 570x320
Anybody know where there's a vape shop open?

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