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Ejected Orb Over California is Still a Mystery

Call it the story of the orb-ejecting fireball that won’t go away. On January 5, Ken Roberts posted a video of what he described as a “UFO or whatever you call it” which he saw and recorded while driving in southern California. While the flaming streak itself was not unusual, the glowing orb that was either launched or ejected from it was. Explanations ranged from UFO to meteor breakup to undisclosed missile test to CGI hoax to “beats me.” News reports tapered off quickly as they normally do in these cases, but then picked up again on January 9.

It’s a story that seems easy to hoax-ify. Ken Roberts doesn’t give a time of day or a specific location of his viewing, just the nebulous “southern California.” His post asked if there were any other witnesses and very few have surfaced. In southern California. An area where the number one hobby is staring into space.

The sighting coincided with the annual Quadantrid Meteor Shower, but no other meteor gazers reported seeing this one and it seems to be traveling too slowly to be a meteor. Unless of course the video was slowed down. Or altered in some other way. While many suspect this, no one has shown concrete evidence that the video is fake or altered.

While the fluttering flames make it look like a man-made craft burning up, no government explanations alluding to secret aircraft tests or missile testing or undisclosed satellite malfunctions have been  given. Also, no loud booms were reported in the area.

Then there’s the little orb. Rather than falling off, it appears to move away purposefully. Roberts didn’t follow it and didn’t say where it went. If it was some kind of escape pod, was it from a UFO or one of our aircraft? Or one of theirs?

So none of the usual explanations for UFOs are holding up so far in this case. The orb-ejecting fireball is still a mystery and a big enough one that it’s back in the news again. Any thoughts?


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