Jan 07, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

For Those Wishing For a Clearer Photograph of Bigfoot

OK, I’ve heard all of the complaints about the blurry images of crytpids, UFOs, aliens, ghosts and other anomalies and the demands for clearer pictures of them. Here you go!

A 66-year-old retired electrician named John Rodriguez claims he saw this Bigfoot “bathing” while he was fishing in the Hillsborough River near Tampa, Florida. The creature was wading in the river until it appeared to find a spot it liked and sank down into the water for a bath. That’s when Rodriguez pulled out a camera! Yes, he says he brings along a camera when fishing “to take pictures of birds and whatnot.” This time, he saw a whatnot.

I heard a squishing sound, looked over and saw this thing walking through the water and crouch down in the duck weed. It did not look like a guy in a suit — it was definitely an animal. I took this picture and got out of there as fast as I could.

original 2 570x380
The original photo

Before you start shouting “Photoshopped!”, Rodriguez says he was afraid people would doubt him and hesitated to reveal the photo. He defends himself this way:

I did not Photoshop this at all. Believe me or not, when I plug in my memory card, it asks to import and opens in Photoshop. I just changed the name and saved. It seems like people get publicly crucified for coming forward with this kind of stuff.

Yes, I'm a little skeptical about it too. But what a clear picture! Wonder why he didn't use the video option on the camera? Rodriguez was afraid you’d ask.

I think it can, but I have never used that function for anything. It’s a fancy camera, but all I do is point and click it.

Do you believe John Rodriguez? Is this a picture of Bigfoot or a Skunk Ape or a gorilla or a gorilla in a Bigfoot costume or a Bigfoot in a gorilla costume or something else?

Hey, at least it’s a clear picture!

bigfoot camera 570x376
Always take your camera and learn how to use it!

Paul Seaburn

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