Jan 16, 2015 I Paul Seaburn

Purple Pulsating UFO Still Perplexing People in England

A dome-shaped UFO with purple pulsating lights spotted this week over Tynemouth on the northeast coast of England has experts perplexed and officials looking for more witnesses.

Craig Lowther of Tyenmouth says he let his dog out at about 11:30 pm when he noticed the bright UFO motionless in the sky. He went to get his video camera, noticed it was low on charge and plugged it in for a few minutes. Fortunately, the object was still visible when he went back outside. He originally thought it might be a plane but a plane would have moved by then. When he looked through the camera, he knew it wasn’t a conventional aircraft.

I used the zoom so I could get a better look, and what I saw surprised me. It appeared to be a dome with a bulge in the middle and it had pulsating lights on it.


The UFO eventually moved away and faded from Lowther’s view. After his experience was reported on the Newcastle Chronicle’s website, more witnesses came forth. Karl Findlay said he saw a green object the following night that he captured on video. When he zoomed in, he saw it was diamond-shaped like the one recorded by Lowther. Andrew Phinn said he saw a motionless flickering light low in the sky over Tynemouth on Monday around 11:40 pm.

What is the object in the video? Some say it could be an optical illusion – bright objects in a dark sky appear to pulse when a camera focuses on them and the blades of a camera’s iris diaphragm can make a light appear diamond-shaped.

zoom 570x317
The UFO before and after zoom

The Newcastle Chronicle was contacted by former resident Alex O’Neil who is studying for a Masters in Astrophysics at Sheffield University. He offered this possibility:

The brightest star in the night sky is called Sirius and it is often mistaken for a UFO because of how bright it is and how low in the sky it is. It appears to be twinkling or pulsating because when light passes through the atmosphere, it becomes distorted.

Sirius-ly Alex? Craig Lowther disagrees.

I am out at night a lot walking the dog, but this was like nothing I have ever seen before.

What do you think? Keep looking, Craig, and keep your batteries charged.

Paul Seaburn
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